All The Places It’s Legal To Drink In Public In The US

There's nothing like walking the streets in the summer, enjoying festivals, sight seeing, and people watching while having a nice cool adult beverage in hand.  I've been spoiled by my visits to New Orleans and I am sooo missing that city this weekend, walking in the French Quarter, watching a Mardi Gras parade, or venturing off to a Saints or Pelicans game, all with a drink in hand. 

New Orleans is not the only place adults can consume in the streets.  Its almost expected and mandatory to do it in NOLA and in the second town that comes to mind, Las Vegas, but what other municipalities across the country allow you to tank up while you walk about?


Towns that are free of open container laws allowing public boozing (marked with beer mugs) generally still prohibit you from drinking in public parks, or near religious sites, homeless shelters,etc. Plastic to-go cup are pretty much mandatory.

Hood River, OR Arlington, TX Gulfport, MS
East Aurora, NY Fort Worth, TX Las Vegas, NV
Erie, PA New Orleans, LA Treasure Island, FL
Fredericksburg, TX Indianapolis, IN Butte, MT

Several cities (marked with wine glasses) have set up specific zones in which you can drink.  the thought most likely was if people can publicly drink in these cultural/social epicenters of the city, more business will be generated. I've seen the action on Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama.  I was taken for a loop when I was there since I didn't know it was an option.  I may just have to go back!

The Power and Light District of Kansas City, MO
Sonoma Plaza in Sonoma, CA
Beale Street in Memphis, TN
The Savannah Historic District in Savannah, GA
The Railyard District in Lincoln, NE
Quigley and Meridian Districts in Huntsville, AL
4th Street Live! In Louisville, KY
Uptown in Birmingham, AL
The Alley in Montgomery, AL
Dauphin Street in Mobile, AL
The DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) in Canton, OH

Local municipalities are creating the drinking laws in these alcohol liberal states. A few states ban public drinking anywhere within state lines (noted on the map in orange), the rest in blue don’t have any laws prohibiting the practice.

As always, make sure you know all the drinking laws, allowed locations and times of bars and ordinances before you go being the new party boy in town. Be off of Bourbon Street in New Orleans at midnight on Mardi Gras / Tuesday.  You can go back out in a little bit, but get inside if you know what is best.  Be near a window to watch the mounted police clear the street.  Don't argue at all, just get off the street and let us know if this year they turn on St Ann, Dumaine, or St Philip. 


Do you need to make some changes in your state?

Do you feel public drinking is a liberating thing?

Do you feel allowing street drinking is a negative?



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