All Types Of Prejudice In Scotland Lessening.

In a recent piece it seems that Scotland is one of the most accepting countries in the land. Titled 'Prejudice Of All Types 'Falling Across Scotland',' the article highlights several types of discrimination that have appeared to lessen across Scotland. 


  • Prejudice based on age, disability, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity or religion is falling, a study for the Scottish government has suggested.
  • The report said 70% of Scots believed everything possible should be done to rid Scotland of prejudice of all kinds.
  • It showed a 50% drop since 2010 in those who would be unhappy about a relative in a same-sex relationship.
  • It also suggested almost 90% of people think a woman who has taken a year off after having a baby is equally deserving of promotion as a woman who has not.
  • The Equality Network welcomed the suggestion that the proportion of people in Scotland who think that same-sex relationships are always or mostly wrong had fallen to its lowest ever level of 18%.
  • "It's also because a lot more people have come out. People are less likely to hold discriminatory attitudes if they have a friend or family member they know is lesbian, gay or bisexual. Only 15% of Scots now say they don't know anyone lesbian or gay." –


Those are some great numbers!  I am sure there is a correlation between the 18% and 15% mentioned above, but that sounds like another story.  Head over to for more facts and figures about how Scotland is becoming so very accepting.   Two factors they do mention are the narrowing of the age gap since 2010 as well as the increase in immigration to the country.

The study does show that not all types of discrimination are lessening unfortunately. 


"This is a positive step towards a more inclusive Scotland. However, our research still shows relatively-high levels of prejudice towards some groups in society, such as people who cross-dress, those who have undergone gender reassignment and gypsy/travellers." –


No matter how good the numbers, there is always work to do.  The study shows great progress, but it also points out where we still need to grow and accept.




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