Andy Cohen Shoots His Shot With A Handsome ‘Office’ Alum

Credit: Andy Cohen Instagram

Andy Cohen jokingly flirted with a very handsome alum of The Office on Instagram after said star posted quite the studly photo. 


B.J. Novak, who starred on the beloved NBC sitcom as Ryan Howard for 8 years, shared a deliciously cute snap of him starring right into the camera with his blue eyes piercing into millions of people’s souls.

It clearly caught the attention of the Watch What Happens Live host as he took a chance on him in the photo’s comments section. “Are you seeing anybody?” he flat out asked him. No response from B.J. so far but here’s hoping he comes up with something witty and equally as flirty to say in return.


Both Andy and B.J. are somewhat private about their romantic lives. The latter dated his former Office co-star Mindy Kaling while the show was still on the air and also happens to also be the godfather of her daughter Katherine


Andy, meanwhile, has never dated anyone in the public eye for a prolonged period of time. His focus lately seems to be on being an amazing father to his son Benjamin who he welcomed via surrogate in February 2019.

He did manage to light up social media earlier this week by posting photos of his BFF Anderson Cooper shirtless. The CNN host probably received a ton of dating offers (and unsolicited d**k and a** pics) as a result.


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