Apply for Kristen Stewart’s New Show If You Can See Charlie’s ‘Angels’

Photo Credit: Kristen in CG Cinema’s Personal Shopper

Are you queer? Do you see ghosts or investigate hauntings? Well, in this edition of “Things I Never Thought I’d Type,” Oscar Nominated actress Kristen Stewart wants you to join her new show!

Yesterday it was announced that Stewart and stylist CJ Romero are teaming up with Scout Productions, the studio behind Queer Eye, to produce their own currently untitled ghost hunting show. 


Take a peep at Stewart and Romero’s announcement video below. 

A provider is yet to be determined, but according to Dazed, a major streaming deal is in the works. Netflix, Hulu, Here TV or a subscriber only Destination America channel, every network may be grabbing at this series since ghost hunting shows have been incredibly popular since Ghost Hunters kicked off the niche in 2004. 


Are you a medium, historian or ghost hunter? The Twilight actress wants YOU to apply!

Apply to be on Kristen’s show here:

Source: Dazed, Auto Straddle

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