Are Sherri Shepherd & Wendy Williams Planning A Sit-Down?

Whether it was the fiery Michael Rappaport, the hilarious Vivica A. Fox & Carson Kressley, or the beloved and chemistry-heavy Michelle Visage and Leah Remini, the guest hosts sitting in for Wendy Williams for the entirety of the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show have been beyond entertaining. It was former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd though, who snagged the plum gig in Wendy’s purple chair and is now going to be headlining her own talk-show this fall. As for where that leaves Williams, that remains a question. After defiantly stating that she would not be watching Sherri Shepherd take over her time slot (and that she was in fact, returning to her show this fall), Williams is moving forward and wants to sit down with Shepherd for a chat of their own. 


Williams released a statement to Page Six saying in part “I have tons of support around me, and I am working on projects, I would love the chance to actually speak with Sherri and sit down and meet.” Williams’ attorney, LaShawn Thomas, went on to say that Williams harbors “no ill will” toward Shepherd and that “Wendy requesting to have a sit-down with Sherri to have a meeting of the minds is the perfect solution as she has no ill will or intent,” Thomas said. “Wendy is preparing to get her show back in motion.”. As for Williams’ own staff, they still would love to find a way to bring her back for the final episode of her eponymous talk show. Page Six also reported that “There’s talk [of how to say goodbye] and a lot of people on staff feel like there should be a tribute to [Wendy] or some kind of farewell,” saying that at the end of the day “It’s her show and she’s not there for it.”

As for Williams, it looks like the former radio and daytime talk show maven is now about to tackle a brand new medium. The Sun is reporting that a number of sources have revealed that Wendy Williams might be entering the world of podcasting. A proven force of nature on the radio, which is where Williams initially gained fame and courted controversy, podcasting would be a natural and obvious fit for the multimedia superstar. One issue that could prove challenging for Williams though, could be her checkered track record this past year. The article goes on to say  “After taking a leave of absence from her eponymous daytime talk show, Wendy is a hard sell, the insider claimed. “The people at iHeart don’t like controversy, so the best place for her is Spotify. They like the wild cards, but even at Spotify they don’t give you the money unless you prove yourself first, and Wendy wants money upfront”.The other issue, the source added, is industry insiders just don’t know if she can “be trusted to deliver a daily show or weekly show.”

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