Are you a “responsible gay shopper?”

Are you a "responsible gay shopper?"  Do you boycott certain airlines, restaurant chains, business that do not support the gay community?  I'd like to think I could do this, but sometimes it's hard to keep track.  In the past I've been judging airlines on how friendly their flight attendants and gate staff have been.  It's always fun to flirt with the boys and see how many drinks I can get for free.  I've lost track of how many liquid libations I've received, but I do remember faces.  How can we keep track of what organizations have our best interests in mind and not just the happiness of our livers?

Well, there's an app for that.  Actually, there are a couple of apps for that. But should we use them?

2nd Vote has a series of three apps that are free for the taking, but as the name implies, they might be on the conservative side of things.  2nd Vote, 2nd Vote 2nd Amendment, and 2nd Vote Shopper are three apps that are designed for "The Conservative Shopper."

Our goal is to help you make better decisions when you cast your 2nd Vote every day by letting you know where your money really goes when you're buying a product, eating at a restaurant, or supporting an organization.

2nd Vote is a group of conservatives who are dedicated to helping you be informed about the everyday choices you make. We believe you can make a difference, and with 2nd Vote you will. –

Maybe this isn't the best family of apps to download, or is it?  They rank businesses so that a higher score means the company has a more conservative stance on issues.  The Southwest Airlines example shows a score of 2.3, so they swing our way just a little from center.  Yes, these are conservative apps, but is that such a bad thing?  A three is neutral area or unknown, where as a 5 is conservative and a 1 is liberal.  Should we let all of this conservative work go to waste?  Do we embrace the saying "an enemy of or enemy is our friend?"  If these conservative apps give a company a low rating, do we switch over to a golf mentality where the lower score is better?  In the red is actually good for once?

I think I may take a look at these apps for a while and consider keeping them, but just using them for the opposite reason their creator had in mind.  This sounds fair, no?  After all, we have businesses that support us place rainbow flags and stickers in their windows.  I am sure conservatives take note.  Is this just the other way around?  These apps are pointing out the conservative businesses as well as the known liberal organizations.

Thanks for doing the work for us!  For more information about the apps, go to and look below to see their scoring policies.

If you know of a better app out there, please share with us! 

Would you download these and use these free apps even though they were designed to help conservative shoppers?

Learn How We Score

Do you want to know what each numerical score really means in our scoring system? Here's more about what each number indicates.

Organizations and Interest Groups that advocate for various issues, both on the conservative and liberal side, spend tremendous amounts of money each year to advance those causes. This money comes from individual donors, grants, and most importantly, corporate contributions.

2nd Vote is developing the most complete database that makes it easy for conservatives to follow the money and see how the companies you shop with every day are spending the money you spend with them.

We base our scoring system on the following information:

  • Direct and indirect corporate donations
  • Activities and stated policies from these companies
  • Documented sponsorships for various political and advocacy-related events
  • Corporate leadership donations, activity and advocacy
  • Lobbying spent for or against various issues on the federal and state levels

We use this information to score each company on a scale of 1 to 5 on various issues.

The scale is calculated as follows:

  1. Liberal – Direct donations to liberal organizations, such as pro-abortion groups or gun control groups. Having liberal values in the company’s main business platform.
  2. Lean Liberal – Third party donations to groups that support or fund liberal organizations causes, matching gifts to liberal organizations or causes, or any indirect support to liberal organizations or causes.
  3. Neutral – Absence of any support of liberal organizations or causes. A company can also score neutral if they equally support liberal and conservative causes.
  4. Lean Conservative – Third party donations to groups that support conservative organizations or causes, matching gifts to conservative causes or groups, or any indirect support for conservative organizations or causes.
  5. Conservative – Direct funding to conservative groups, such as pro-life groups and pro-2nd Amendment groups. Having conservative values in the company’s main business platform. –

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    Buycott already came up with an app for that and it's WAAAAY more user-friendly than this mess.


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