Artist Captures Beautiful, High-Speed Movement of Dancers.

 Sometimes we need a simple moment of zen to find balance in our daily commute through life.  Mine range from a good glass of tequila, cuddling with the dog, an amazing pizza, to listening to a crowd burst into Bohemian Rhapsody (see video at end), and many more zentastic things. What ever helps you center, find it, lather, rinse, and repeat.

Niv Novak – Photographer recently shared one of his projects with the world.  He captured the beautiful, high-speed movements of dancers and slowed them down for us to enjoy.  Dancers are some of the most fit people on the planet, but this slow motion film Niv put together shows more than these fine specimens of humans. It shows the intricacies of their art and what power goes into each and every move. They look like they're elegantly floating in mid-air!



For more from Niv Novak, be sure to follow him on Instagram: or visit to see more of his art.

And as for that other moment of zen, here's Bohemian Rhapsody.



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