As If We Needed More Reasons To Love Tim Gunn.

In a recent appearance on the Meredith Vieira Show, Tim Gunn continued to show how he may be the most trusted man in fashion. 

I've watched many seasons of Project Runway and many of my favorite parts involve Tim Gunn.  He's there for the designers, he's there for the quality of the show, he's there for the fashion, but what he shows us is that there can be AND SHOULD BE honest in fashion. 

It seems that much of his appearance had Tim Gunn talking about another big name in fashion, Anna Wintour.  Here he is mentioning Miss Wintour and her rude behavior toward a fan.





Continue to speak about what he sees and believes, Mr. Gunn shared with Vieira and her audience a major tiff he had with Anna Wintour and her camp.





No one is safe from Mr. Gunn's honesty.  He even opened up about his disappointment with an Emmy dress worn by his Project Runway co-host Heidi Klum.





Thanks Tim Gunn for keeping the fashion world a little more down to earth.  Some of these larger than life designers need a reality check and it's good to know you're there to give them that dose of honesty.

This is all not new blood in the water.  Some of this is from his 2010 book "Gunn's Golden Rules."

In it, he recounts seeing Wintour being carried down a flight of stairs by bodyguards after a fashion show because she didn’t want to ride in the elevator with other people. Which…we’re fairly certain is factual, as we’ve heard from other people that it happened.

Still, Gunn told Page Six at an event last week that after the book came out, “All hell broke loose…Her office was insisting I print a retraction.” He went so far as to get another witness, then-CFDA executive director Peter Arnold, to corroborate the story. “Also, I wasn’t maligning her character,” Gunn pointed out. “I was simply making a statement of facts.”

Gunn is, understandably, still a bit frightened of the editrix. “I don’t look her in the eyes, because I will be turned into stone,” he said.

In fact, he spoke freely about Wintour to not one, but at least two reporters: Gunn also told Hollywood Life, “We’re arch enemies. We’re sparring partners. We’re constantly spitting venom at each other,” adding, “I am a truth-teller and some other people don’t like to accept responsibility for their actions.” –

Keep us smiling and keep us proud, Tim!

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