As Queer Eye S6 Prepares To Air, Antoni Porowski Goes Retro

Antoni Porowski has been more than busy since Queer Eye kicked off the filming of a beefed-up and extended Season 6 in Austin, Texas (which premieres December 31st on Netflix). He released his latest cookbook Antoni: Let’s Do Dinner, and even managed to fall in love-with new foster pup Neon from Austin, TX. Known for a collection of trendy t-shirts on Queer Eye (including one showcasing the characters from the stunning novel A Little Life) Antoni’s fashion sense has been lower key than some of his more editorial Queer Eye co-stars. During a recent photoshoot for Man About Town UK though, Antoni proved that he can also give high fashion in front of the camera lens. 


Antoni’s shots for Man About Town UK showcase the food guru in front of a sheet-like backdrop, completely retro style. Porowski is seen smoldering for the camera in a cowboy hat and classic blue denim (a nod to Queer Eye‘s new season). Porowski is seen with a larger than life belt buckle, classic brown cowboy boots, and denim cut-off jeans shorts. With matinee movie idol slicked down hair and a vintage style to the shoot, Porowski’s fans will be thrilled to see that one of the shots showcases him shirtless and denim clad, flexing for the camera. 

Earlier this year, Antoni talked to Vanity Fair & gave us a top to bottom rundown of everything he does in a day. He kicks it off by letting out his dog Neon and feeding him to catching what’s going on in the news. He also provides us with a detailed list of his workout (which he breaks down by day throughout the week). Walks with Neon are a must, and like so many of us, a Real Housewives franchise and random YouTube & TikTok videos are how he wraps up his own day. 


‘Queer Eye’ Season Six premieres on Netflix on December 31st. 

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