Aspiring Influencer Takes Back Abbey Allegations

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Haely White, An Aspiring Mommy Influencer, Admits The Abbey’s Staff Did Not Drug Her

Don’t you get extremely upset when a severe allegation you believed to be true turned out to be driven by hysteria? We’ve seen this happen time and time again, so it’s a never-ending story at this point. Social media was turned upside down when Jussie Smollett’s allegations of a hate crime proved to be untrue, or when RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni, Robbie Turner, lied about being in a car wreck? Heck you can even make an argument that Ellen DeGeneres’ kindness schtick has been a ruse this entire time, too. These stories are frustrating, especially as we know plenty of survivors and victims walk among us everyday trying to keep themselves together – and many remain silent of their experiences. Recently, one woman was determined to blast popular West Hollywood bar and restaurant, The Abbey, for slipping her a mickey – as she believed. In an odd turn of events, she’s now backtracking on her story and made a suspicious public apology.


According to DailyDot, Haely White-Smalle originally made a once viral but now deleted post making allegations she was drugged at The Abbey. In the deleted post, White proclaimed she was ‘roofied’ by a bartender almost immediately upon arrival and only had half of her drink, eventually causing her to vomit and collapse. She woke up with bruises on her face, a black eye, busted lip and nose – she showcased these in photos. White claimed to be ‘happy to be alive’ and that she is not a big drinker and doesn’t vomit when drinking alcohol. She was happy to at least be with a friend who guided her to safety and assures her drink never left her hand while at the establishment, so it had to of been the bartender. As awful as this crime which does actually happen across the globe is, it was obviously expected that she was going to be met with a ton of support from social media users, many who began sharing their own alleged odd experiences at The Abbey. In her initial social media post, White was encouraging others to talk about their alleged tragic experiences at The Abbey, as she cited a Google search will lead you to other accusations at the bar.

After White’s public allegation, The Abbey released a statement aligning themselves with any victim and seemingly asking the public to calm their torches before they started the cancel mob: They wanted to investigate and get appropriate persons of authority involved. Of course, that didn’t happen. The Abbey and their employees were met with the usual mob mentality of cancellation culture that exists online and were reportedly threatened, insulted, and essentially ‘cancelled’. Fellow ‘mommy influencers’ were rallying to White’s defense and to, perhaps the shut down of West Hollywood’s iconic bar(?). Still, the bar had some support in their comment section, especially for their swift call to action. Los Angeles locals quickly heard of this story as it went around social circles, but some may not be speaking of the endgame result. Here’s some reactions from The Abbey’s first released statement regarding White’s allegations:

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So, then it would appear authorities and maybe some lawyers did get involved. Days ago, White released a statement of her own apologizing for her false allegations and with the language that was used, had to admit fault on her end. Check it out below:

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To sum: White reviewed video footage from The Abbey where they were able to trace her every move. She admits that no one tampered with her drink. She also mentions that she — has made previous allegations against another bar in a separate situation! White admits her drunken tirade was not at fault of The Abbey and apologized to any employee or reputation that was affected by her tall tale. Singer, songwriter, and DJ, Bowie Jane, publicly voiced concern over White’s false allegations and the affects they have caused:

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Life is just as cruel as it is kind – factual stories such as White’s actually do happen and when they do, they create a jaded human being. It’s why she has caused a stir, because when false allegations come to light, it hurts all involved, especially those who have gotten digitally threated by keyboard warriors with no basis of truth. Mob mentality is just as dangerous as a false allegation. As it appears, this is a case closed – to the public. On her Instagram, White promotes positivity, good karma, and… avoiding alcohol in favor of mushrooms… so perhaps instead of booze, she should stick to micro-psychedelics, which she was recently promoting last month.

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