Barebacking? You’re Not Alone. Survey Finds Most Americans Have Sex w/out Condoms.

Remembering back to your last sexual experience, was there a condom involved?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Is it up to the top or the bottom to have the protection? Did he seem like he gets tested?  Did you have the talk? 

That was a lot of questions.  Too many?  That may be the point.  When I get in my car, the seatbelt goes on.  When others get in my car, I make sure the seat belts go on and there's no argument. Why doesn't that happen with sex and condoms? 


The last survey results we shared from SuperDrug Online Doctor were in our post Buying Sex Supplies For The Bedroom: Just Like Buying Cereal? Do you think there's a connection to 65% of people not using condoms to people feeling a little awkward when buying sex supplies? Maybe.


Or is it just our mentality?  Our short attention span?  Our instant gratification desire?  Our wanting pleasure and happiness with little to no effort? Our belief that life is good and nothing bad can happen to me; it happens to others.

“While we can’t really speculate back and forth, it was kind of surprising with it being 2017, we thought sex ed might be more prevalent,” Krista Bowman, a spokeswoman for the creative team at Superdrug Online Doctor, a service that provides mail order prescriptions and services including contraceptives and treatments for some STI’s, told USA TODAY College. “It looks to be, overall, that the majority of people are having unprotected sex.” –

So thinking back to your last sexual encounter, did you have a talk?  Even a half-assed attempt at the right questions is better than most surveyed

  • Over 68% of survey respondents said that they “never” asked their partners to get tested for STI’s before having sex.
  • Women were about 8% more likely to say they’d ask their partner to get tested before having sex. 

And it's not just Americans.  Remember, Europeans were surveyed, too.

Surprising results?

What are your thoughts?

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