Beloved Gay Personality Chad LaClair is Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer

Chad LaClair, who has become a major personality in the gay world over the past decade, was recently dealt with a major life blow when he found out that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The former New York resident, who will turn 30 this coming December, revealed the news to his thousands of fans and supporters earlier this month in a post on his Facebook page.

“I have been discharged from the hospital and am currently home recovering after finally being diagnosed with testicular cancer,” he revealed after first letting everyone know that he was in the hospital the month beforehand. “I started chemotherapy last week while I was in the hospital and am now home relaxing and recuperating."

“Apparently, the cancer spread to the lymph nodes in my back and abdomen, which is why I was in so much pain and what caused the pancceatitis,” he continued. “But the outlook for recovery looks very good and the first round of chemo has already brought the inflammation and pain down."

“Needless to say, this has come as a complete shock to me and has definitely put my life at a 180.”

Chad’s spirit has remained effervescent throughout this rough period, ending his post with “I am going to keep my head up while moving forward with treatment these next four months. There is still a lot I have to take in and wrap my head around, but I am thinking positively and am grateful to have so many loving people in my life looking out for me right now. The coming months will be a challenge, but I have a good team dealing with this and I look forward to the day I can share the news with you all that I am a survivor.”

As expected, his social media accounts became flooded with support and well-wishes (including yours truly) for him as he embarks on this journey. Chad also shaved his head after starting the chemo treatment, where the self-described “queer trouble maker” looks even sexier now than he ever did before.

This is more of a personal article for me, as I’ve known Chad for several years and have always been impressed by what a sweet, kind and great person that he is. Even though we’ve never been too close, I’ve always enjoyed the person that he is and will do whatever it takes to get the word out about what he’s going through in hopes that it will help save another person’s life in the process.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Chad pay for his cancer treatments, and so far, it’s doing pretty well. If you are interested in donating (hopefully you are), you can check out the page here.

Wishing nothing but support and love for my friend Chad. Love you buddy.

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  1. RIP. Chad was a wonderful soul and always lit up any room he walked into when he lived here in Richmond. always check your balls, boys. and if you notice anything odd go. to. a. doctor. do not wait. don’t be embarrassed.


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