Bowen Yang Hilariously Channels Elton John on ‘SNL’: Watch

Credit: SNL YouTube

Bowen Yang, Pete Davidson, Eminem, Jason Bateman and several others flexed their comedic chops during one particularly hilarious sketch on Saturday Night Live‘s most recent episode. 

It revolved around a Christmas-themed version of the rapper’s iconic track “Stan” where Davidson took on the role of “Stu”, a Santa-obsessed fan who can’t stop writing letters to the legendary holiday character.


Davidson channeled not only Eminem but Devin Sawa, the hunky actor who played “Stan” in the song’s music video, perfectly while Kate McKinnon excelled in her take on singer Dido who supplied the chorus. 

The clip started innocently enough with Bateman as Santa while Chloe Fineman, Beck Bennett & Kyle Mooney played his elves. Bennett’s elf was the one to read Stu’s letter which “starts off normal enough” before things got “weird”.


“Dear Santa, I can’t believe the year is almost over. It’s getting colder, I’m a year older but I’m still your soldier,” Davidson rapped before bringing up the one item many are desiring this year. 

“You’re my hero ’cause you always bring me the assist. So once again, we’re back to zero, here we go, my Christmas list. I won’t be greedy or needy or ask you for too much, I just want one thing, and hope you still got that magic touch, ’cause getting this present is the only thing keep me alive… dear Santa Claus, please bring me a PS5.”

Credit: SNL YouTube

Davidson’s messages to him got angrier the longer they went unanswered. “If you can’t help your biggest fan, then you should just retire or next time you slide down my chimney, I’ll set your a** on fire.”


The similarities to Eminem’s “Stan” video continue throughout, especially when Davidson is seen driving in the rain when Santa was unable to give him what he wanted. “I hope you crash your sleigh and end up face down in a ditch.”

Yang took on the role of Elton John who performed the song at the 2001 Grammy Awards with Eminem (who makes a cameo appearance at the end of the sketch). This was widely seen as controversial at the time given the Missouri-born entertainer’s history with saying homophobic words in his songs.

The openly gay SNL mainstay really emulated the “Candle in the Wind” singer with his facial expressions, outfit and much more which only added to the sketch’s hilarity. He also looked & acted the part completely when he dressed up as Leatherman from The Village People in an episode that aired in October. 

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