Bravo Coca-Cola. Let’s have this campaign World Wide.

I'm a Pepsi lover through and through, but I have to give Coca-Cola some recognition for stripping down their cans and making this very eye opening video.  Yeah, sure, it's marketing, but so well done.  View why Coca-Cola has stripped the labels of their cans off and just kept their simple design.



Coca-Cola has shared the first-ever ‘No Labels’ cans as part of that social experiment idea during Ramadan.  The creative agency behind the ’No Labels’ can is FP7/DXB. The cans are created to make a point about removing stereotyping and prejudices. With the new initiative, Coco-Cola has tried to spell out the message to every consumer who grabs those cans that labels are for cans, not for people.  While the cans still bear the iconic brand cues, the traditional labels have been removed as part of the social experiment.

The cans have been released in time with their global campaign, ‘Let’s take an extra second’, where Coca-Cola invites the world to take an extra second and get to know people, in order to get rid of all the stereotypes and preconceptions one might have.

In the Middle East, a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people, these Coca-Cola cans send out a powerful message to rise above the differences and inequalities created by ourselves and have a world without labels. –

Yes, this marketing campaign is in relationship to Ramadan for the reasons mentioned above, but I feel this should be done all over the world and not just in the Middle East.  It may be more effective than what Starbucks tried to do with its #RaceTogether campaign.

Cheers Coke for a job well done.  Even though we did not see an LGBTI individual represented on the panel (there may have been one), any intelligent discussion on labels is a win for all.

What do you think?