Brazilians Share 4-way Kiss During Carnatal

A video of 4 Brazilian hotties engaging in a 4-way kiss is circulating on social media! The end.

Okay, maybe I’ll go a little further.

The group was attending the annual Carnatal when a 3-way kiss quickly turned to a 4-way kiss as a fourth guy walked by and thought he join in the fun. After realizing it was a lot harder than expected, they split up into pairs and really go to town with their make out session. One of them even had the decency to stop sucking on his lollipop to get in on the action.

Carnatal is an annual festival (off-season Carnival) that is celebrated during the first week in December over four days. It is celebrated with music, drinking and all-day partying—and you can imagine how much more kissing goes on.

Check them out:




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