Breaking Down The Chances Of Each Queen Winning ‘Drag Race’ Season 12

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The race for the crown has never been more competitive than this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. At least that’s what a lot of fans have been saying as many remain conflicted over who they think will take home the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar in June. 

Another New York City queen, Jan, went home on Friday night’s episode after landing in the bottom two largely because of her overacting in a commercial for the new drag queen lifestyle brand “Droop”. Her BFF Brita sashayed away one week earlier leaving Jackie Cox as the only one from the Big Apple with the chance of winning it all. 


This leave six queens left in the competition (Sherry Pie was disqualified after numerous sexual assault allegations were brought against her) to battle it out for the grand prize of $100,000 and a lot of expensive makeup. Question is… who should win it all at this point and why?

Let’s break down, from a factual standpoint, the chance of each scoring that big W in a couple of weeks. Sherry isn’t included in this list for what was already stated above.

Heidi N Closet. The small town queen has often been referred to by fans as the narrator of this season given how memorable her confessionals have been thus far. Statistically Heidi has the worst chance of winning due to her being in the bottom two twice and only securing one win thus far. No winner of RPDR has ever landed in the bottom two more than once with some never having to lip sync for their lives ever throughout the competition. Stay tuned though.


Widow Von Du. Widow started the season off hella strong by securing a win in the first episode. From there she’s been, as Heidi put in last week’s episode, coasting. The cracks started to happen during the “Droop” challenge but she was lucky enough to have her idol Chaka Khan wake her up from the cloud she was in. Hopefully that confidence will keep her spirits high and bring her back to where she started in the competition. 


Jackie Cox. Jackie has done very well for herself this season even though she hasn’t won anything yet (main challenge wise). She has been in the high group four times and was only ever negatively critiqued during the Madonna Rusical challenge. A win in the next two weeks would be crucial for her Drag Race resume, but let’s not forget that Yvie Oddly only won once last year and had a pretty similar track record compared to Jackie. Speaking of track record…


Crystal Metyhd. There is a huge momentum building with Crystal as she’s done wonderfully over the past two episodes after having a not so stellar start to the season. Michelle Visage clearly saw this and became her cheerleader after the Missouri queen aced the “Droop” challenge. Fans even thought that she and Heidi should’ve been double winners this past week. Will she keep it up though to not only secure a top 4 placement but an eventual win? Once again, stay tuned.

Jaida Essence Hall. She’s pretty much had a flawless track record thus far minus her getting slammed for her acting abilities in Gay’s Anatomy. Besides that, Jaida has been an unstoppable force throughout the competition and a great contender to win it all. There is one robot, whoops, competitor in the way who stands the best chance at this point. 


Gigi Goode. To have three challenge wins at the halfway point is a pretty incredible accomplishment. Gigi has been one of those rare queens that have aced both fashion and comedy and blended both in a truly amazing way. Yes, she was bottom 3 last week, but it would’ve been boring as hell to see someone go the whole way through without getting some kind of critique. That being said, from a statistic POV, it’s hers to lose. But who knows what lurks around the corner for her and the others left in the competition?

Instinct Magazine readers… who is your pick to win it all? Let us know in the comments section.

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