Should “Bussy” Join The Dictionary?

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As he gets closer to finishing up some new music, Lil Nas X has noticeably picked up speed on social media. The renowned social media meme lord, joker, and internet troll is back at it after taking a break from social media. And this time, Lil Nas X might be creating space for queer people again. This time, in the dictionary.

More specifically, Lil Nas X might get “bussy” in The Industry Baby artist joked over the weekend that he’d love to see the word show up in the dictionary for Pride month.


“For pride month it’s really important that our government finally takes a stand and adds bussy to the dictionary,” he wrote on Twitter.

And what caused the musician to write the now viral tweet? As he tweeted several days prior to the dictionary post, “I finally said bussy in a song and I have never been happier [sic].”


This isn’t the first time that Lil Nas X has written about the idea of saying the word “bussy” in a song. Back in 2021, the “Call Me By Your Name (Montero)” singer said he was amazed to have yet written song lyrics using the word.

“Can’t believe I haven’t said bussy in a song yet. Something has to be done about this [sic],” he tweeted.


But what exactly is a “bussy?” It’s a slang term combining the words “boy” and “p*ssy.”  If that hasn’t clued you in already, it means a guy’s anus.

While the word has been around for several years, it became popular thanks to thirsty fans tweeting it at their celebrity crushes. We know because when Buzzfeed started it’s “Thirst Tweets” series, the word went viral. There’s just something about seeing straight stars like Taron Egerton and Manny Jacinto gasp at the word “bussy.” It just feels right… like a bussy!


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But our favorite part of the story… Lil Nas X might actually get the word in the dictionary! Again, in But, it’s a start! The website’s official Twitter page responded to Lil Nas X’s recent tweet and said, “We added WAP to the dictionary, so anything’s possible.”


Even Lil Nas X thought this turn of events was funny.

Will follow up on this tweet and add the word? And when will Lil Nas X release this anticipated song with the word in the lyrics? Sadly, there’s no word yet. We all just have to wait and see.


Until then, here are more male celebs reacting to the word!

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  1. I completely agree with the other commenter. I never use the word because we as gay men don’t need to use a different word similar to p*ssy we aren’t heteros. If someone wants to use it more power to them just sharing my opinion on the word 🙂 It’s kinda like when people ask two gay men in a relationship who is the man and who is the woman, I hope that makes sense.


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