Catfish Sentenced For Sending Gay Men’s Pics To Their Families

The authorities have apprehended and sentenced the woman who stalked and blackmailed two gay men through a dating app.


Unfortunately, we are no longer fazed when hearing of crimes performed through gay dating apps. But, a recently tried one in Europe still has us shaking our heads. The story is centered on 31-year-old French-native Yannick Glaudin and her exploits in the UK.

According to the Guardian, Glaudin was living in the UK when she posed as a man named Steven St Pier on Grindr. In May of 2017, she met her first male victim through the program. The two exchanged phone numbers, email addresses, and personal pictures/videos. The relationship went sour, however, after the victim started to have doubts about Glaudin’s identity. He then broke off contact, which led to Glaudin’s months-long stream of harassment.

In February of 2018, the victim started a relationship with another man. Somehow, Glaudin caught wind of this and started harassing the other man too. She was then able to receive and send out sexual photos/videos of both men. Glaudin ended up sending those pictures and videos to the two men’s families, friends, and colleagues.

Photos by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash Grindr / Edited By Devin Randall

Eventually, the police were informed of the situation. They received several false reports, including assault and pedophilia, about the two men. Eventually, the police clued in on Glaudin’s crimes, and she initially pleaded guilty to the offenses.

“What I’ve done to them is nasty, cruel and stupid and I regret it,” she confessed.

That said, Glaudin then fled the country and evaded arrest for a year. When she was eventually caught, authorities found her in her native country of France. She claimed to be visiting two terminally ill relatives. The Inner London crown court eventually held trials over the situation and Glaudin was sentenced to 13 months in prison this past Monday.

Speaking at the court, the former boyfriend said that the whole experience was “hell.”


“I suffered the extreme shock of constant, insidious daily harassment at home, work and on every online channel I was registered on, by someone completely anonymous, using multiple aliases,” he said.

“The perpetrator has accused me personally of being a paedophile, impersonated me and my partner online via dating applications, sent multiple strangers to my home demanding anonymous sex, followed me … home, and taken photographs of our front door and taunted us about it.”

Sources: The Guardian, Sky News, The Independent

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