Charlie Sheen ‘Talks’ His HIV/FDA Wonder Drug, Other Stars That Are Positive In Hollywood, & John Travolta

It was just last year that Charlie Sheen shared with the world that he is HIV positive. His statement about his status and his encouragement for everyone to get tested resulted in a massive increase in sales of HIV testing kits.

Recently on The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show, Sheen made some claims as well as showed that he has turned over a new leaf when it comes to his behavior.

One claim he made was that he knew of other stars in Hollywood who are also HIV positive, but are choosing to live with it in secret. 

“Do you think there are more people in Hollywood that have HIV that wouldn't dare come out and say it like you did?” Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked him, to which he responded, “I know who they are, but I will take that to my grave.”  –


Sheen also opened up about Scientology and if anyone had ever tried to bring him into the religion.

‘Yes, actually. There was one – and she’s a dear friend of mine. It’s Kelly Preston, who’s married to John Travolta. They’ve been together forever, they’ll probably end up that way.’

The conversation then quickly turned to John Travolta and the rumours surrounding his sexuality.

‘Do you think those rumours about him and the massage parlours is true?’ Kyle asked.

‘I have a rule now, if I wasn’t there, I can’t possibly harbour an opinion.’

‘People are always so up on my shit, so when I’m asked about other people, I stop and think to myself, ‘Charlie, were you there?’ and if I wasn’t, I reign it in. –


Of course Kyle was asking about the rumors that John Travolta is one of us, a fellow friend of Dorothy.

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So Charlie was not talking about HIV positive stars and he wasn't discussing stars that may or may not be gay, but what he was talking about was the experimental drug he has been on, PRO-140.  It's the self-injectable drug taken once a week as part of the FDA study he is currently in.

“There are no side effects,” he said to Hollywood Reporter last October. “None. It is one shot every week, instead of a handful of toxic pills every day. It is the closet thing to a cure that we could possibly have right now. You can live a completely normal life. You can self-administer. The other shit, it kept me alive, sure, but it had hideous side effects — migraines, stomach problems, liver damage. But this stuff is the future of treatment for this condition, and I am excited as hell to be a part of it. I don't mind talking about that at all because it is going to give a lot of people hope and something to look forward to and really wrap their arms around it." –

Thanks Charlie for the updates. 

Which could be deemed worse in this heterosexual world we live in … coming out as LGBT or coming out as HIV positive? 

Would it be different for females than males?

How do you feel Charlie Sheen's presence in Hollywood and in entertainment changed since his coming out as HIV positive?



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