‘Chemsex’ Is Coming To The United States

When scouring hook-up sites, do you look for a ParTy?  Do you notice those that are looking for more than just sex? PnP?  Is that a draw for you or do you steer clear of such things?  Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are not just your daddy's mantra, but chemsex has been around since he was a teenager.  It's the way of many boys out there looking for a good time, an equation where good times = your body + drugs.

The title of this blog, 'Chemsex' Is Coming To The United States, is in reference to the documentary being brought across the pond to the United States later this year, originally released in December 2015, but will land here in North America in November 2016.

Chemsex: the name given to the rising phenomenon which refers to the use of drugs in a sexual context. Often referring to group sex that can last for days, the allure of chemsex has lead to many young men being trapped in a vicious circle of sex, addiction and dependence.

This powerful and potent film tells the stories of gay men whose lives have been affected by the crisis; from self-confessed ‘slammers’ to sexual health workers, from those who deny there’s a problem to those who ‘got out alive’. Offering unprecedented access, Chemsex is a brave and unflinching journey into the dark underworld of modern, urban gay life.  Chemsex [was] released by Peccadillo Pictures in cinemas from December 4th, 2015 in Europe. – youtube.com



Breaking Glass’ CEO Rich Wolff negotiated the deal with Nathan Fischer of Stray Dogs. “Chemsex holds back no punches, it is a visceral and honest look at a subculture that many are unaware of. This kind of unflinching story is synonymous with the Vice brand and Breaking Glass could not be more excited to work with them in bringing this powerful documentary to North American audiences!"  Breaking Glass is planning a VOD and DVD release for November 2016. – wickedgayblog.com

Is there a big Chemsex culture in your city?  Your nation? 

Which is the drug of choice? Living down here near Miami, I am surprised that cocaine is still one of the more popular chemsex drugs.  Welcome back Miami Vice?

One commenter at the wickedgayblog states:

Meth has been in the gay scene and at the gay clubs in Seattle since I started going out and that was 22 yrs ago. It's always been available but it has it's peaks and valleys as far as popularity, and availability.

Do you think this documentary will be something people will watch?  Will it make a difference?

What are your thoughts?



UPDATE:  It is amazing how many people and even other bloggers have read just the title of this entry and said "Instinct thinks that Chemsex is new to the United States."  We want to thank the readers that read an entire blog / entry instead of just shooting from the hip after reading the title.  Myself, at 42 years old, been out in the gay community for 20 years fully knows that chemsex is here, was here, and most likely will be here for some time to come.  Once again, to those of you just reading the title and making your comments, your actions and comments are insulting.  Be a little more intelligent about things and read before you put your foot in your mouth.



h/t:  youtube.com and wickedgayblog.com

What do you think?