Choreo For This Gay “WAP” Dance Cover Will Make You WET!

Screenshot via YouTube @Nicole Kirkland

Ok, choreo!

After three weeks of it being released, the internet is still OBSESSED with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s explicit song and music video, ”WAP.” With the title being a shortening of “Wet A** P***y,” you can understand why the song and video have mixed reviewed and CONSTANT conversations around them. The song and video have even inspired other viral videos such as fitness expert Shaun T twerking on his husband and comedian Leslie Jordan gasping in shock. And now, we’ve found another sensational video to share with you all.


The video in quesiton is a dance cover for the erotic musical selection, and the dance is just as wet and delicious as the original. This time, however, the video is gay-themed!

Created by L.A. based dancer Nicole Kirkland and celebrity makeup artist Mac Daddy (Angel Merino), this gay dance version of “WAP” is every bit as sensational, salivating, and sexy as the original. Even better, the dance routine is AMAZING! Plus, the video was created with the intention of showing how diverse and multifaceted gay/bi men can be.


As Kirkland wrote about the dance cover, “There are so many layers to gay men… it is not a one glove fits all! Angel and I wanted to represent the beautiful diversity found within the LGBTQ+ community! The rugged, the femininity & everything in-between. This video was so much fun to film! All the boys killed it and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out!”

Featuring (in order of appearance) “Bottom Behavior”, Mac Daddyy, Howard Johnson, Darius Hickman, Joseph Alexander Pina, Yai Ariza, Alekz Samone, Julio Jimenez, Keegan Hill, Bobby Newberry, Anthony Garza, Aryan Davenport, and Nicole Kirkland, Kirkland’s gay dance cover of “WAP” is just what we needed to get through the day. To join us, check out the video below.

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