Chris Evans Shows Off His Sculpted Chest in the Cutest of Ways: See Photo

Credit: Chris Evans Instagram

2020 has sucked, as well all know, however there have been some bright lights that have kept many of us level headed over the past several months.

Take for instance the dreamy Chris Evans who has treated us to pretty much all of him in recent weeks. He kept that tradition going, in a cuter manner this time compared to the NSFW one that happened in September, by posting a shirtless photo of him with an adorable guest star on Instagram. 


His dog Dodger just happened to be lying on his tribute tattoo for them. The pup looked right into the camera making the most precious of faces but let’s keep it real here. We are still looking at Captain America‘s fine ass chest and legs which were spread for the gods. And we know what’s going on underneath those sweats Chris, OK? 🙂


Let’s recap Chris’ most naked moments this year. First he infamously posted a video of his d**k by accident which became headline news.

He was in the middle of a game of Heads Up and shared the now infamous clip with his 5.7 million Instagram followers on September 12, but failed to trim the video completely before uploading. What followers saw, instead, was his gallery of videos where spotted on the grid was a very girthy and pronounced image of a penis.

Then, for some reason that we can only say thank you for, he shared an Instagram video of him doing a backflip into his pool where his rock hard abs, amazing tattoos and chiseled face was on full display.

If Chris is our savior in 2020, then praise be. 

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