Christopher Meloni’s Fans Scream ‘Daddy’ in His Newest Instagram Pic

Credit: Christopher Meloni Instagram

Christopher Meloni‘s photo should be included next to the word “daddy” in the dictionary. Fans of his have been calling him this for over twenty years now going all the way back to his time on the gritty HBO series Oz

And his daddydom shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Even a pic of him paying tribute to late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Instagram recently made his followers feel a certain kind of way as they paid attention to more than just her image on his shirt. 


“Me n the gurls,” he captioned the post which referred to not only RBG but his wife and daughter in the background of the snap. Chris’ ridiculously enviable body still looked fantastic while fully clothed in his grey tee and black sweatpants outfit. 

“He’s all shaved and tattooed looking like our Stabler again,” one wrote in the comments section while referring to him bringing his iconic Law & Order: SVU character back in an upcoming spinoff series. “I can not wait. I’ve been hoping for this since he left.”


The 59-year-old has been whetting our appetites with several sexy pics in 2020 ahead of his new show premiering (date TBD at the moment). Take a look at 5 more that revved our engines and got us all hot and bothered this past year. 

Quarantine Kilt Chris


Spiritual Chris


Making Us Think Naughty Thoughts Chris


Shirtless Chris

Disco Chris

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  1. Some people improve with age. Meloni is that type. His beard for one is a magnet for daddy worshippers, and his handsome face and bubble butt never cease to please.


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