Christopher Meloni Once Again Proves He’s The Daddiest Of Daddies — Pic

Credit: Christopher Meloni Instagram

Christopher Meloni truly is the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, just look at the picture above. 

He must know, at this point, at least one type of audience he’s playing to (cough cough fellow gays cough cough) as his social media accounts are filled with deliciously yummy pics of him in next to nothing.


The Law & Order: SVU vet got people all riled up again on Thursday, June 25, when he responded to a fan who simply asked how he’s doing in lockdown (quarantine, not Oz folks.) 

He basically said, in the form of a photo, that he’s pretty much been shirtless during his time in self-isolation which really isn’t a problem. There’s a lot to ogle at here from the selfie he posted that included his glistening chest (and chest hair), gorgeous beard and a slight smirk as if he’s about to start some trouble.


He’s also spent part of his quarantine trying on a kilt with the option of wearing a puffy top in one and shirtless in the other. The variety of daddy fantasies this guy creates could easily be turned into some type of gay porn parody like Not Christopher Meloni: A XXX Experience or something. Take notice, studios! 

Surprisingly Chris didn’t make a recent list of the hottest celebrity dads in the world. Great choices like Tom Hardy and Idris Elba wound up on it but we wonder why the legendary stud was left off. 

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