Christopher Meloni & His Bulging Muscles Invite Us Onto His Boat

Credit: Christopher Meloni Instagram

Christopher Meloni, an actor who has epitomized what the word daddy is in so many capacities for over two decades now, has struck again in the world of being sexy. 

The former Law & Order: SVU star posted a smoldering hot pic of him in zen mode on Monday, June 29, where his bulging muscles could easily be seen underneath his snug blue sweater.



“And now… Deep Thoughts And Peaceful Moments With Friar Chris,” he captioned the snap that already has 20,000 (thirsty) likes. Something also worth noting is that he’s sporting a pair super short shorts. Woof! 


Do we wish we could see more of his toned legs and a hint of that other massive part that he showed many times on Oz in the photo? Sure, but what he’s presenting is enough for us to ogle over. 

The 59-year-old has no doubt been the gift that keeps on giving during his time in quarantine. He shared a delicious selfie of him looking down at the camera where his buff chest was on display on Twitter on Thursday, June 25. 


Then he modeled in a “quarantine kilt” in late March. Chris wore a puffy shirt in one and was shirtless in another. As one fan said, “he knows what he’s doing.” Yup, couldn’t agree more. 

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