Tom Hardy Tops List Of Hottest Celebrity Dads — See Who Else Made The Cut

Credit: Idris Elba Instagram

A former president, an Emmy-winning actor, a legendary soccer star and a television chef famous for pretty much screaming his head off at people all made a very important and sexy list.

The UK-based online marketplace OnBuy recently asked thousands of people this question: Who, in your opinion, is the hottest celebrity father out there?

Three international hunks topped that list, with the ever so dreamy Tom Hardy hitting the number one spot followed by Australia’s very own Chris Hemsworth and the deliciously yummy Idris Elba

Sadly not one of the men on that made the top 10 were from the LGBTQ community. It’s a shame because there are so many amazing dads to choose from including Ricky Martin, Jwan Yosef, Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, Karamo Brown and so on and so forth.

Take a look at who many people think tickles their fancy in the world of celebrity dad-dom. 

1: Tom Hardy

2: Chris Hemsworth

3: Idris Elba

4: James Marsden

5: David Beckham

6: Ty Burrell

7: Barack Obama

8: Stanley Tucci

9: Will Smith

10: Gordon Ramsay

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