Conservative’s Instagram Video About Palace Bar – Drag Endangers Kids

My first time to the Palace Bar in South Beach, Miami was just last month. The iconic entertainment offering has been around for years and is one of the reasons the traffic is so heavy on Ocean Ave. I will go back again, believe me. What a great positive, clean, happy, well-managed environment for all to have fun in. I was more impressed that I thought I would be. The food was very good, too!

Unfortunately we all cannot have nice things as people threaten us when we are having a good time and they are not. One of the common threats these days is, not in these exact words, but close … “I hope y’all end up like Pulse.”  Wilton Manors received a threat like that from an unbalanced man shortly after Pulse occurred and now Palace has received another.  An Instagram user recently wrote a vicious message on the venue’s account.

“I hope y’all end up like Pulse.”


We all remember Pulse in Orlando.  That week, I didn’t sleep well at all as Wilton Manors was the same distance from Orlando was from the killer’s home. Not to make it about me, as it was all about all of us, but damn. I did not lose anyone directly, but we all lost a little bit that night. Then to have just a short time later an unbalanced unpopular gay man threaten the same thing to Wilton Manors … people are bat shit crazy.  The June 12, 2016 massacre at Pulse, Orlando is no joking matter.  You know people need to be disgusting morally and emotionally to threaten such a thing.

The recent “I hope y’all” message was not left by Angela Stanton-King on the Palace Bar’s social media page, but was most likely a byproduct of what she posted online. Stanton-King, a conservative Republican politician from Georgia, shared a video online with her 300,000 Instagram followers listed off why she was upset when she attended an evening at Palace.  It all stemmed from some parents allowing their girls to interact with a drag queen during the performances.

Thomas Donall, the owner of Palace said, “it was all innocent fun for the girls. I mean they were posing with a Madonna show.”

In her video Stanton-King said she was having a good time at Palace, but then she saw little girls in the audience and interacting with the drag queens.  Apparently, that is when her bible and conservative definition of morals went into overdrive.


“These people have children in a $^%*# drag show,” were her words of choice in the video. Some of the video was recorded at the drag show while other parts were her response to the apparent scarring evening. 

Miami’s shared that “the video, which she shared with her nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, was in line with her combative tone on social media. It shows her confronting a Palace employee: “I feel offended and disrespected by being a survivor of sexual abuse!”

It sounds like she has a great deal to unpack, but all of her issues should not be expected to be addressed at a drag show. She is calling for officials to “keep the drag queens away from children.”  Jesus Christ on a cracker. Do we need to deal with all of this again and again?

Here is Local10’s coverage of the incident where they mention more about Stanton-King’s conservative ways.


Stanton-King is known to be an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump and was pardoned by him last year for her role in a car theft ring. She was also convicted of federal conspiracy charges in 2004. She is supposedly thought of a good judge of character by herself. 

Do kids belong at drag shows?  Should there be an age minimum to attend?  I do think many do have “must be accompanied by an adult” statements already. Will we need to enlist PG-13 / NC-17 ratings on drag and ALL public performances if Stanton-King gets her political ways? Do we need to keep Stanton-King away from our kids?

Here’s one of the more recent posts to TicTok of a performance at the Palace. 

Source: Miami’s

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