Conservatives To Sue Over Hacked Pride Tweets

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A socially conservative political party in Mexico is threatening to file a lawsuit after its Twitter account was hacked.

The Solidarity Encounter Party (or PES) is a conservative group that opposes gay marriage and abortion. Connected to evangelical religious groups, the party’s slogan is “For Life And The Family.” But, according to the Associated Press, in a recent surprise update to its Twitter presence, the political party’s profile included a banner and slogan saying, “Love is Love.”


But that’s not all, the account also posted tweets including hashtags for the Mexican states Baja California and Sinaloa. Both states passed laws to approve same-sex marriage last week, according to the Mexican news source teleSUR.

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“The happiness of…each one of the citizens consists of freedom, security, and equality…there should be no second category citizens,” Francisca Abello, Equity Commission, Gender, and Family’s President, told teleSUR after Baja California announced its upcoming change.

“Great news for same-sex couples, who deserve for their relationships to be recognized just like everyone else,” tweeted Human Rights Watch researcher Cristian González Cabrera.


PES, however, was not so pleased by both the law changes and the tweets supporting them. After gaining back control of the account and deleting the before-mentioned tweets, the conservative party called the posts, “a lack of respect for our institution.” The group then vowed it “will continue with legal action against whoever hacked [its] social media.”

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But perhaps the political group should consider changing its tune. After all, its hacked tweets received general praise with over 4,000 retweets and 22,000 likes before getting deleted.

Despite that, the group is committed to hunting out the hacker. They also take no blame for the hacking, though PES admits that the party had not paid anyone to manage its social media accounts. This could be partially impacted by the fact that PES did not reach the cutoff of 3% of the vote in the most recent election. Because of those results, PES does not qualify for re-registration and governmental funding.

With that in mind, will the political party really have the money to waste on searching for and suing a hacker?

Source: Associated Press, TeleSUR,

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