Dallas Man Shares His Dismissal From Community Church For Being Gay.

Understanding when and where we are not wanted is part of our lives as human beings. As LGBT individuals across the world, there are places to avoid and there are places to find comfort.  For one man from Dallas, his church went from a place of belonging to a place where he was no longer welcome.

Jason Thomas shared on his Facebook page recently his experience with the Watermark Community Church, a church that banned him a year ago.  This was shared by the DallasNews.com


Dear Watermark Community Church,

Today I celebrate a very interesting anniversary with you. It was exactly one year ago when you told me that I was no longer worthy to serve, be in a community group, and be a member of your church.

I spent years in your church battling against my homosexuality. I believed with all my heart that God would change me; I prayed for change almost daily. But when I wasn't able to change, you turned your back on me.

You say our "sin" is not unique, but you treat us in a unique manner; this is unacceptable behavior. We are actual people that have actual feelings.

Here we are a year later and you are still doing to others what you did to me. You are tarnishing the name of God to Christians and non-Christians alike; you should be ashamed of yourselves! Do not forget, Jesus was a angry with people just like you who said certain groups of people were not worthy to be followers of Him.

Thank you for removing yourself from my life! I am who God made me to be. I cannot change my sexual orientation and nor would I want to. I now have internal peace and happiness unlike ever before.

Jason Thomas


The image below is the letter Thomas received from the church.  Click on image for a larger view.


For those that have faith in God, something like this is deplorable.  I am sure many will say, the church hates LGBT members, but that is just it.  It is the church and not God.  People's interpretations of "The Word" are different than what should be practiced at the core. 

And speaking of interpretation.  We need your help.  DallasNews.com also shared an email they received from the Watermark Community Church director of communications Caitlin Van Wagoner.


"Following the example of Jesus, Watermark loves and welcomes people of all backgrounds, economic statuses, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and struggles. Also following His example, we encourage people to turn away from sin and to follow Jesus.

Watermark makes a distinction between attending our church and being a formal member of our church. We don't remove someone's formal status as a member for struggling with sin — whether that sin is pride, materialism or sexual sin. Every member of Watermark needs God's grace to stand firm in the midst of temptation and His forgiveness for the times we fall short.

An individual's formal relationship with us as a member is only changed when someone no longer desires to resist sin and refuses our help, care and encouragement. Even if someone's formal membership status is removed, they are always welcome to attend Watermark and be reminded of the grace and truth of our savior Jesus Christ."


We hope the best for Jason Thomas, his faith, and his future.  There are other churches out there they do not respond like this.  LGBTers can have faith and be who they truly are.


h/t: DallasNews.com

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