Dan Levy’s Mom, Deborah Divine, Trolls His Childhood Bullies Online

The Levy-Divine family. (From Left) Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Sarah Levy, and Deborah Divine. / Image via Instagram @instadanjlevy

We love a supportive mother. With less than 24 hours till Dan Levy hosts Saturday Night Live, the actor and producer’s mother is celebrating him online in the most endearing way.

Specifically, Deborah Divine, took to Twitter to gloat. Divine called out Dan Levy’s childhood camping bullies who used to make his life miserable. Now, Levy is living large and hosting the popular late-night sketch comedy show. But where are they?


“This goes out to the bully punks at Camp WTF who made life miserable for a certain cabin-mate back in the summer of ’96 – just because he was different,” she wrote. “Well, after all these years I have just 7 words to say to you: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”


In response to his mother’s tweet, Levy responded by retweeting his mother and adding a single word, and a heart emoji, as comment, “Moms.”


37-year-old Dan Levy has previously said that he has been openly gay since he was 18. Then in the past few years, Levy has seen success in the entertainment industry alongside his father Eugene Levy. The two co-created the series Schitt’s Creek, which has since gained a variety of awards and accolades such as Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, and more.


In addition, Levy appeared in queer holiday film Happiest Season, has signed with ABC Studios to create new television projects, and has this SNL hosting gig. The future is looking bright for Dan Levy. But how are those camp bullies doing? The world may never know.

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