Daniel Franzese’s Talks Body Positivity In His Teddy Talk “Stay Hungry Never Thirsty”

Daniel Franzese has always been an advocate for not just the bear community, but for body positivity of all kinds. Along with GROWLr, he recently launched a series of “Teddy Talks”, where he is discussing everything from fame as a bear in Hollywood to relationships to our own relationships with self worth. His latest chat “Stay Hungry Never Thirsty” premieres tomorrow at 9pm EST. 


With “Stay Hungry Never Thirsty” the intent is clear. The discussion is aimed at not just body acceptance, but the importance of pursuing an egoless and healthy relationship with oneself. Franzese personally has had his own challenges and victories when it comes to body positivity. Last year, Franzese posted a series of Instagram shots along with the hashtag #bigboysummer. Franzese spoke openly in one of the posts, stating “my followers can only name the shows This is Us and Stranger Things as the only two shows currently showing any male of size in a sexual manner. The CDC says the average size waist of a man in the US is 40. Yet most designers stop making clothes around a 38. The messages we are sending is that big is not welcome and ‘large bodies aren’t valid bodies’ are dead wrong. We are mind set to ideals that cis straight white men have created to appeal to cis straight white men in media. This is more then a thirst trap this is a protest.”


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All three of Daniel Franzese’s TEDDY TALKS shows are free to everyone on the GROWLr app: https://apps.apple.com/app/id393402212?mt=8

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