Design Expert Bobby Berk Gives Us Last Minute Tips

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Still haven’t decorated for the holidays? You do know it’s December 21st right? No judgments, but it’s crunch time. I am no better, I barely decorate. White lights on the windows, and whatever decorations I have taken from my parents through the years. See below, and remember – NO JUDGMENTS. lol


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All is not lost for us! Queer Eye resident interior design expert Bobby Berk is here to save the day. The Texas native, 40, spoke to ABC Audio sharing quick and easy decoration ideas. His first tip,

“If you don’t have time to decorate because we are all so busy, literally just having on holiday music in your house does set the mood.”  


I do love holiday music, but only after Thanksgiving. Shockingly, I am still standing in Whameggedon! Have not heard the original Last Christmas this entire holiday season. Sadly I think it’s because many a gathering and party have been canceled due to the rise of the omicron variant. Growing up our favorite holiday album was – wait for it – John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together


One of my favorite *new* holiday songs is One More Sleep by X-Factor winner Leona Lewis.



Back to the expert we go! Another one of Bobby’s tips, one that will make it “instantly feel like the holidays,” involves greenery. The Masked Singer competitor will, 

“go out and [I] snip some greenery off some pine trees in the yard and I put that on the table, or I put that on the calendar and it instantly feels like a holiday without having to go to the store.”


The Blown Away host also hits the Christmas tree sellers, but doesn’t necessarily buy a tree,

“So many of the Christmas tree places trim the trees on site, and so they have all these leftover branches that they just throw away… They give it away for free so they don’t have to haul it away.”

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Easy and affordable! Finally when all else fails and there are guests at the door and you got nothing, distract them,


“When people come over, have a nice holiday scented candle and holiday music and people won’t even notice you haven’t done decorations.”

THANK YOU BOBBY! New episodes of Queer Eye premiere on December 31st on Netflix. 

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