Did Ellen Just Shame The Dad Bod? Older Men?

I love me some Ellen.  I think one day I posted two things of hers within an hour.  She does some fun stuff, but I guess I was in a different mood when I viewed one of her latest videos.

If I'm sharing an Ellen video, there's most likely either a gay couple receiving acknowledgement from Miss DeGeneres, a cute kid beating the odds, or a do-gooder that needs to be recognized, but usually there's a muscular guy shirtless and / or gyrating on her stage. It's fun, appealing to the eye, and her majority female audience is screaming like a pack of horny gay men and you know how we can scream.  We get it, we got it, it's good.  We like fun fit guys and when they show off and it's all in the name of fun, no one is hurt.  Objectifying men is what most of these gay rags do right?  And if a lesbian is doing it on national day time tv, it's all good, too.

And I guess that is where this one is a little different.  I think drooling over a nice fit guy is stimulating, energizing, and puts a smile on your face, but I guess this little Ellen skit was a little different.  Have a look.




Here's one of the comments from the EllenTV.com page.

Campbell's soup used ever so slightly pudgy men to demonstrate it doesn't contain bad elements and hunky guys to demonstrate the good elements. I'm surprised to see this on Ellen. What if they'd used chubby females to show bad and slender toned females to show good?

So these older, less fit men were full of bad things and were shooed away like they were  unwanted.  Dad bods away!  Older away!  Bring in the beef cake!  Gym bunnies to the front of the line!  I honestly would have like to have seen this commercial done backwards.  Kick the fit, muscular guys out and pour the water on the older, non-rippling men.  They were good looking, too!  And I wonder what that would have said about body image, especially during Movember.

Okay, bring on the comments  – hypocritical – assholes – who the hell is Instinct to say shit like this.  We have an issue with showing hot men, objectifying them?  Look at 80% of your fucking posts!  And it's all done in fun on her show.  Back off Ellen.  Have a sense of humor!  There I said them before you did, but I am sure I'll still get them. And that's understood.  It's fine.  I have big shoulders.

I know posting pics of toned men constantly is feeding the monster.  I realize that my 40 inch waist (big shouders big waist) is not the desired size in society and not in the majority of the gay world. Believe me, I know.  People internalize abs and muscles as the accepted, desired look.  But I feel this is a little different since we are putting bodies side by side and saying this is bad and that is good all in the same camera pan.  Imagine if Harry Connick Jr. did this on his show with women.  As the commentator said, "What if they'd used chubby females to show bad and slender toned females to show good?"

What are your thoughts, Instincters?

– Stop talking, there are hot guys on tv?

– It's right, those older guys weren't fit and are less desired?

– Keep on being hyporcitical, Instinct.

One other video that came to mind when watching the Ellen clip was the infamous Chris Farley / Patrick Swayze Chippendale's audition from Saturday Night Live.  Of course, Chris was in on the joke and used his body size as the joke in many other skits and throughout his career.

Do you think this one is different than the Ellen clip?



h/t: EllenTV.com

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  1. Exactly, replace all these

    Exactly, replace all these men with women and there would have been outrage. I used to love Ellen, but she gets more and more annoying and self-absorbed every year.


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