“Do You Believe In Life After … Law?” An Icon Steps In For Citizen’s Legal Defense

When it comes to the N word, I am the first to admit that it makes no sense that many within the African American community, sometimes use the word as a term of endearment when addressing friends and colleagues. I don’t do it. But it’s a thing. This is most pervasive with the younger generations and it’s further facilitated by the rap and hip hop communities where the N word is part of the standard vernacular.

But for those of us of a certain age, our association with the word is far too complex, as we have listened to our parents’ and grandparents’ first hand stories of their personal horrors with the word. My own mother specifically told me about her first day of kindergarten when a little white boy called her a “N-gg-r!” He had obviously been taught that at home.
However, to acknowledge the harm associated with that word and the myriad of casualties it can leave in its path, one does not have to be African American. Millions of white people are “woke” when it comes to the N word, racial disparity and ethnic bias. One of those people is the one and only, Cher! 
The legendary Diva and life-long civil rights advocate recently took to Twitter and offered to pay the legal defense bills of security guard Marlon Anderson, who was terminated from his job after a confrontation with an unruly student. 
The student, also African American, continuously called Anderson the N word, and in return Anderson demanded the student stop referring to him as such. However, school officials terminated Anderson shortly thereafter citing his use of the word, even indirectly, is a violation of strict behavior codes for personnel. 
Baffled by this silly attempt to over correct, Twitter erupted in dismay as a tearful Anderson shared in a video how he did nothing wrong other than demanding not to be referred to by the student as the N word. Amid that Twitter eruption was the awesome Cher, who responded:

There’s no word yet on if Anderson plans on suing the school that terminated his employment  but Cher’s pockets are pretty deep so I hope that school board is ready! In the meantime, the story has thrust Anderson into the spotlight. 
In a more positive turn of events, with his national notoriety has come an out pouring of support, including a job offer with the Madison County Boys & Girls Club and they even matched his salary! 
Way to go Anderson…but don’t let this opportunity to fight a broken system pass you by. Sue them with Cher’s help and make them wish they could turn back time – and do the right thing! 




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