Does Putting A Condom On Take Longer Than You Last? No More! Here’s The 3 Second Condom.


Feeling romantic? Want to "get it on"? Then get it on with Pronto!

Sounds like a good plan. Some of you are professionals when it comes to wrapping it fast and getting down to business, but there are some that may not have nightly penetrations and are a little out of practice using a condom.  Then there are those that are just new at the game of making love and may not have had the banana / cucumber / condom lesson.  Tops, bottoms, and everyone imbetween, there's a new rubber in town, almost.

If you head over to the Indiegogo website, you will see that this new product is all about its easy application. 



Why must we still apply condoms the way we've been doing for the past 50 years? Introducing Pronto, the condom for the 21st century, Pull open the pack and slide the condom on – all in just 3 seconds! Best of all, Pronto is the best quality condom money can buy!  –

How good is this condom?  When the Gates back it, you know it has to be good (click on pic or larger view).

Here's some results of a Pronto focus group about using the newly designed condom.  Besides ease of application and being able to get it right side up in the dark, they mention some other benefits of the new design.




The product is not on the market as of yet, but looks like it will be in time for Christmas.  The Indiegogo website has opportunities for donors to get some perks for their money.  One such donation is the $20 mark. 

What do you think?  Is the current condom something that needs fixing?

Do you think that making a condom faster to apply will make more people wear one?

Do you when people complain about the time it takes to put a condom is a mood killer is just them saying that because they just don't like how condoms feel?


h/t:  Indiegogo website

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