Doing Drugs To Hang On To Mr Right?

We often get messages in our in box informing us of new projects from LGBT performers, news, political policies, and what not.  Last week we were excited to cover Can You Relate to 'Solo Act' ? New Music and Videos from Matt Palmer.  As the added bonus, Max Emerson was in the video as Mr. Right, coming along as the fourth date and perfect option for Matt Palmer.

Get Lost finds Matt giving his catchy R&B melodies a more danceable makeover. The visual counterpart – which tells the story of one relationship from start to finish with seven interconnected music videos – co-stars Instagram celebrity Max Emerson, and is directed by Matt's longtime collaborator Ryan Bartley, who helmed his previous videos for "Break-Up" and "Teardrops." 

I personally was happy to see the story of Matt and Max continue on their wonderful date.

As I watched the second video in the series, my emotions went from joy to crap, ugh, and why? Have a look.


My mood changed when the drugs came out. I was like, is Matt going to do it?  I thought, it might be an interesting take if one did it and one did not. There are couples like that. But no, with at first a no, and hesitation, Matt popped whatever was being handed out. After that, I had to remind myself that there was music in the background instead of watching a first timer tripping.

So, no, I am not a prude, but I am also not a drug user.  Friends use recreational drugs and are highly functioning individuals.  They just know I don't wish to be around it.  The last time I was with friends on drugs was when we drove 5 hours to Montreal for the Bal en Blanc Festival.  After the five hour drive, we danced for 14 hours straight, where many colors of pills were popped.  Then we drove home for another 5 hours. Out of the group of 11, I'm pretty certain I was the only one that didn't do drugs on the trip.  They all were asking me, how did you dance for 14 hours?  My response was, umm, I just did and I had a blast. They asked me several times if I wanted to have some of what ever I wanted, but I passed over and over and over again.  They were okay to be around, but I found myself walking around and seeing the other venues away from them.  That was their choice and I had mine.

I've been in the scenario that Matt Palmer was portraying in the video, meet the hot guy, he seems amazing, and then he asks me to do something I've never done or don't feel like doing.  I don't mind branching out and have done some new and exciting things, but there are negatives as well. It's upsetting when you meet someone that checks all the boxes, but then there's that one thing. 

But is drug use and experimenting a big thing?  It's your choice and fine, but on the first or second date?  Let's see Two Gay Matts and Max Emerson's thoughts.

Watch Matt Palmer show Matt Steele and Max Emerson the music video for "Get Lost" for Matt P's upcoming Visual EP, Get Lost!  –


And it's fine if you do recreational drugs. Illegal? Depends. Healthy? Maybe, maybe not. For me? No.  For some of our other 7 writers? I have no idea. If they do it, it is their choice. But what first hit me and is still resonating is, hey, I did drugs to keep the pretty Mr Perfect happy and interested.


  • Have you done something you really didn't want to hang onto Mr Right?
  • Have you uncomfortably changed your ways to keep a relationship going?

So we will have to wait and see if the couple addresses the bad trip in the next video.  Will something else, new, more fun, and more safe be introduced in the relationship. 

I may go back and play the video, but just listen and not watch.  Matt Palmer is talented and we are hoping to hear more great news. It's just this video was a bad trip for me, whatever that may feel like.

What do you think?