Don Lemon Opens Up About His Fatherhood Dreams

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Don Lemon is thinking about becoming a father?

55-year-old Don Lemon, most known for his work as a CNN news host, recently shared the news while being interviewed by Tamron Hall. Lemon shared that he and his fiancé Tim Malone, 36, are seriously talking about starting a family soon.


“Yes I’m thinking about starting a family,” he said. Though, the kids will have to wait until the happy couple have officially gotten married.

Lemon and Malone got engaged in April of 2019. Lemon announced the engagement by posting a picture on Instagram of a ring on his hand while holding up the tags of the couple’s dogs. The tags read, “Daddy, will you marry Papa?”

Lemon then captioned the post with the lines, “He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no.”


That said, the couple have currently postponed their wedding until the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

“We want to be able to celebrate with our friends, we want to be able to celebrate safely,” Don Lemon explained.

But how do the couple want to have kids? Will they adopt, foster, or go through the surrogacy route? Turns out, they’re not quite sure yet.


“Tim is definitely gonna have to be the one to have the kid because he’s younger, his body will bounce back,” Lemon joked.

Though as he said more seriously in a cover story with Out Magazine, “Obviously adoption is an option and it’s very beautiful, but unfortunately for gay men it’s very difficult to adopt in some countries.”

Lemon’s words here ring true. In the U.S. alone, gay couples can get rejected by adoption agencies depending on the agency’s religious beliefs. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last fall for a case determining whether Christian-based adoption agencies can refuse gay couples while still receiving government funding.


Though, with one of the biggest Christian adoption agencies in the country recently announcing a pro-gay policy change, perhaps those fears will soon be a thing of the past.

No matter what Don Lemon and Tim Malone decide for starting their family, they can rest easy with the fact that they are in good company. Many celebrity gay men have welcomed children in the past few years. From Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley, to Andy Cohen, fellow CNN host Anderson Cooper, Ryan Murphy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more.

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