Donald Trump Receives a Good Chunk of Votes From The LGBTQ Community

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In a surprising (or not so surprising to some) twist Donald Trump garnered quite a lot of votes from the LGBTQ community on Election Day. 

Research by Edison for the National Election Pool collected information from almost 16,000 voters related to this matter. It is currently available to view on The New York Times


7 percent of the responders indicated that they identify as either lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. 28 percent of them voted for Trump while 61 percent gave Joe Biden their vote. As of reporting time the winner has not been chosen. 

Screen capture from New York Times piece.

There were other key factors outside of how a portion of our community voted. The 65 and over age range was the only to pick Trump over Biden (51 to 48 percent, respectively) while the 18-29 crowd almost overwhelmingly went the other way (62 to 35 percent).

Trump & Biden were split down the middle for other demographics. Straight, cisgendered voters narrowly chose the latter over the former (50 to 48 percent). Full-time employees, U.S. military veterans and people who live in suburban areas were all neck and neck for who they picked. 

Screen capture from New York Times piece.

Outside of the race for POTUS there were several victories for many of our LGBTQ brethren. Candidates like Ritchie Torres and Kim Jackson won in their respective races and made history in doing so. Ritchie, for instance, will become the the first openly LGBTQ Afro-Latinx member of Congress when he takes office in January.

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