Doug Jones Elected To US Senate!

Doug Jones Elected To US Senate!

Republican, Roy Moore, Is No More!

YES! After the travesty of watching Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election, we couldn’t bare to see another horrible human being continue to lead politics. Everyone was on the edge of their seats as Alabama voted for their US Senator today. It was either going to be Democrat, Doug Jones, or alleged pedophile, Republican, Roy Moore. Everyone has been biting their nails all day around the nation. How on Earth could Alabama vote Moore into the Senate, right?! Everyone believed he was going to win…

According to the New York Times, Doug Jones has been elected into the US Senate! Roy Moore is defeated! I never thought I’d be so happy! The people of Alabama truly are with the rest of the world. Can we stop bashing them now!?

Check out some of Twitter’s greatest moments upon hearing Jones win!





It’s a good day to be blue and to be an American!

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