Drag Race Alumni Are Coming For RuPaul

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Carmen Carrera Claims RuPaul Is “Hitler, False Prophet, The Anti-Christ Of The LGBTQ Community”

Whoa! The RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni seem to be fed up with the traditional casting choices of the show that made them all popular. We’re all familiar with the story of The RuPaul Charles. He started as a club kid and worked his behind off to be one of the leading gay faces in Hollywood – and he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time in two weeks. On top of staying busy with his many pop culture achievements like Netflix’s AJ & The Queen, RuPaul pumps out seasons of his hit reality competition series quicker than we can blink. The Drag Race revolving door keeps turning and a few of the past contestants, some who have returned for an All Stars season but never won, are taking to social media to scold RuPaul and World of Wonder for not casting transgender drag queens.

According to The Advocate, Drag Race season three midlaner Carmen Carrera is popping off. In fact, she actually hasn’t stopped as she’s still tweeting about it today. She released a series of tweets slamming RuPaul and the series for not casting transgender drag queens – as she believes there are plenty of them out there. First she started with the tweet below calling RuPaul – Hitler, yes, like THAT maniac murderous dictator who killed around six million Jews. She’s comparing RuPaul to THAT! What?!


Carrera continues her tirade. She seemingly shades RuPaul as being the “most evil person in [show] business” in a tweet traded with another Drag Race All Star, Detox Icunt, who is also rallying for the series to “put their money where their mouth is” and cast transgender queens.

Carrerra hasn’t apologized for referencing Mama Ru as Hitler, she claims people are simply “unsettled” and it was a metaphor. Can you tell the difference between Hitler and RuPaul? I sure can! Another queen is throwing her wig into the race. All Star returnee and Lyft complainer AJA claims that in the name of capitalism and Emmy Awards, the series is erasing the transgender community who are active drag queens. Check out their tweet below:

Season nine’s runner-up Peppermint is aligning herself with AJA by retweeting – but the rest of the queens have been pretty mum. Oddly enough, AJA’s drag daughter, Dahlia Sin, one of the latest newcomers who will hit our televisions next month is being flamed for saying he would like to see only men competing on Drag Race. But, if all of the heavy rumors surrounding the boot list of the next season of the show are true – perhaps AJA is much more angry at a placement than RuPaul and the production company.

Do you find Carrera’s statement asinine or are you in agreement?

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