Drag Race Alumni Are Coming For RuPaul

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Carmen Carrera Claims RuPaul Is “Hitler, False Prophet, The Anti-Christ Of The LGBTQ Community”

Whoa! The RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni seem to be fed up with the traditional casting choices of the show that made them all popular. We’re all familiar with the story of The RuPaul Charles. He started as a club kid and worked his behind off to be one of the leading gay faces in Hollywood – and he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time in two weeks. On top of staying busy with his many pop culture achievements like Netflix’s AJ & The Queen, RuPaul pumps out seasons of his hit reality competition series quicker than we can blink. The Drag Race revolving door keeps turning and a few of the past contestants, some who have returned for an All Stars season but never won, are taking to social media to scold RuPaul and World of Wonder for not casting transgender drag queens.

According to The Advocate, Drag Race season three midlaner Carmen Carrera is popping off. In fact, she actually hasn’t stopped as she’s still tweeting about it today. She released a series of tweets slamming RuPaul and the series for not casting transgender drag queens – as she believes there are plenty of them out there. First she started with the tweet below calling RuPaul – Hitler, yes, like THAT maniac murderous dictator who killed around six million Jews. She’s comparing RuPaul to THAT! What?!


Carrera continues her tirade. She seemingly shades RuPaul as being the “most evil person in [show] business” in a tweet traded with another Drag Race All Star, Detox Icunt, who is also rallying for the series to “put their money where their mouth is” and cast transgender queens.

Carrerra hasn’t apologized for referencing Mama Ru as Hitler, she claims people are simply “unsettled” and it was a metaphor. Can you tell the difference between Hitler and RuPaul? I sure can! Another queen is throwing her wig into the race. All Star returnee and Lyft complainer AJA claims that in the name of capitalism and Emmy Awards, the series is erasing the transgender community who are active drag queens. Check out their tweet below:

Season nine’s runner-up Peppermint is aligning herself with AJA by retweeting – but the rest of the queens have been pretty mum. Oddly enough, AJA’s drag daughter, Dahlia Sin, one of the latest newcomers who will hit our televisions next month is being flamed for saying he would like to see only men competing on Drag Race. But, if all of the heavy rumors surrounding the boot list of the next season of the show are true – perhaps AJA is much more angry at a placement than RuPaul and the production company.

Do you find Carrera’s statement asinine or are you in agreement?

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15 thoughts on “Drag Race Alumni Are Coming For RuPaul”

  1. Anyone seen “Paris is Burning?” Transgendered woman have used drag as a means of financing their transitions for quite some time now and are members of our community and need to be supported.

    That said, Carmen seems to be trying to parlay her moment in the sun into some attention, specifically after gaining a reputation for being unpredictable, and contentious to work with. Throw shade all you like for the cameras, but show up on time and ready to be fitted when someone pays you to perform, whether its a bar show or hitting the runway.
    How you treat people behind the scenes tends to reflect in whether you continue to get jobs, and Carmen seems not to have learned her lesson.

    RuPaul did the work and parlayed his fame into an empire, so RuPaul gets to choose who gets to share that spotlight and who does not. If Carmen feels so strongly that Transgender women must have a spotlight and a venue, maybe its time for her and others who feel this way to do the work, pool their resources and create their own opportunities, hmmm? You know, instead of comparing the person who gave Carmen her break and a second chance to a brutal maniac who murdered Jewish people, Roma, Gays, Lesbians, and anyone else he didn’t see fitting into his idea of perfection.

  2. I do not, and never have or will, think that women should be allowed to compete on a show about Drag Queens. Cis or Trans, a woman is a woman is a woman and a Drag Queen is a MAN is a dress. Men/Transmen in drag = Drag Queen. Women/Transwomen in drag = fancy dress.

    BTW without RuPaul, the wider world would have no idea who Carmen Carrera is. She’d be a decent looking woman lip-syncing for her life in a dingy little bar for pocket change. Thanks to RuPaul, she can make a living doing this. She needs to thank her lucky stars and maybe shut up.

  3. RuPaul has stated several times that “We’re All born naked and the rest is drag,” so All should be allowed to participate. Furthermore he has invited people of all shapes, colors, sexualities and creeds to participate in Drag, (Gia Gunn was on the show as an openly transgender contestant though, let’s not erase that) so there shouldn’t be such a hindrance if a Transgender person wants to do Drag. Now as it stands on Carmen Carerra, it is very clear that she wanted to elicit a response, and play on emotion. Rupaul is in no way in the same orbit as Hitler, and she knows this, so to compare him to Hitler, or the Devil, was a low blow to play on people’s emotions by bringing up truly horrible figures. For that I can not take her seriously on this subject any more.

  4. This coming from Carmen? Who was brought to the show not once but twice? In her challenge, hung her straight sister out to dry in those gaudy bathing suits! Plain as the nose on this old woman’s face, you only care for yourself. This is “revenge” for being booted for exactly what you did and can not accept responsibility for!

  5. Honey boo boo, all in good time. As glutinous as we all are there is a limit to what even open minded folks can swallow, no pun intended. With that said I believe timing and planning coexistence in order to tempt the palate for what’s coming next. All this hoopla will no doubt create the right ingredients to create a show that will be all inclusive. Just hold clap your heels and say there’s no place like drag. Love L.🤗

  6. Drag is the most traditional sense of the word means female impersonation by men or opposite-sex impersonation. A trans woman is already a woman. You can’t impersonate a gender you already identify with. Drag has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Even a straight man could be a drag queen.

  7. I been watching the show for several year and appreciate The way the show has drag queens. Men in women’s outlandish clothes trying to pretend they are women. It is funny. Transgender is already a woman.

  8. Omg stfu drag is for gay men not trans get over it, quit trying to erase gay men and start your own thing! Why not let straight people compete while your at it so dumb! there are specifically gay male things and lesbian female things you trans start your own , so fucking annoying get the T out it should always have stayed gay & lesbian and drop the other letters !!

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying for the past 2 years , trans people are nothing like gay & lesbian get them out of being associated with us!

    • Okay…don’t do that. Without that T, there is a huge chance that Stonewall never would have happened. Also Transgender people were a huge part in gaining civil rights for the entire queer community, so to “Get the T out,” might mean that the gay & lesbian might also be out…of existence.

  9. Jesus Carmen do it yourself then. That’s the joy of being free. If you don’t see anyone making something for you, then make it for yourself. But to compare RuPaul to hitler goes too far. Carmen should be ashamed.

  10. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/drag

    Number 7 says:
    a: entertainment in which performers dressed as members of the opposite sex caricature gender stereotypes through the use of often outrageous costumes and exaggerated mannerisms —often used before another noun – “a drag show”
    b(1): stereotypically gendered clothing or costume worn by someone of the opposite sex —often used in the phrase in drag

    So if someone is a transwoman they are considered and want to be treated like a woman yet they want to be a drag queen. Just because you want to be considered a drag queen doesnt mean youre a drag queen.


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