Drag Race Season 11 Stand Out is Being Accused of Sexual Assault by Fellow Queens

The Dragiverse tuned into the Season 11 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race last week and met the new season of queens vying for chance to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. But for many, they were left with too much of a sweet tooth when Chicago queen Silky Nutmeg Ganache dominated the screen with her larger-than-life personality.

Everyone seems to already have their opinion about Silky, but it seems that people within the drag community have some other perspectives on Silky’s unsportsqueen-like conduct pre-Drag Race and off the stage.

Vicky Vox, a recognizable Los Angeles drag queen has a weekly show at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood. Yesterday, she shared her opinion on Twitter about working with Silky (without naming her) and followers were able to pin-point who she was talking about.

The ultimate wig-snatch, however, is when one drag performer, whose tweets have been removed because they didn’t want the information to go public, claims Silky sexually assaulted her.

Check out the tweets:

How’s that for an “attitude check”?

Meanwhile, it seems this has sparked a Twitter feud between Vicky and Silky that has ended in Silky blocking Vicky.

Is the ganache too sweet?

All of Silky’s actions are alleged, but if the queen in the tweets is telling the truth and there is proof, it is sure to come out soon enough. If this drag queen were lying, why would they offer up security tapes? Also, it’s highly possible that the individual who refers to as a “Krampus” was Season 10’s Mayhem Miller.

Will Silky still be able to earn the fame as the fan favorite, spinoff-getting drag queen she stepped into the Werk Room ready to become?

Munch munch crunch crunch.Let’s see what happens with this.


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