Drag Race Season 11 Stand Out is Being Accused of Sexual Assault by Fellow Queens

The Dragiverse tuned into the Season 11 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race last week and met the new season of queens vying for chance to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. But for many, they were left with too much of a sweet tooth when Chicago queen Silky Nutmeg Ganache dominated the screen with her larger-than-life personality.


Everyone seems to already have their opinion about Silky, but it seems that people within the drag community have some other perspectives on Silky’s unsportsqueen-like conduct pre-Drag Race and off the stage.

Vicky Vox, a recognizable Los Angeles drag queen has a weekly show at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood. Yesterday, she shared her opinion on Twitter about working with Silky (without naming her) and followers were able to pin-point who she was talking about.

The ultimate wig-snatch, however, is when one drag performer, whose tweets have been removed because they didn’t want the information to go public, claims Silky sexually assaulted her.

Check out the tweets:



How’s that for an “attitude check”?

Meanwhile, it seems this has sparked a Twitter feud between Vicky and Silky that has ended in Silky blocking Vicky.



Is the ganache too sweet?

All of Silky’s actions are alleged, but if the queen in the tweets is telling the truth and there is proof, it is sure to come out soon enough. If this drag queen were lying, why would they offer up security tapes? Also, it’s highly possible that the individual who refers to as a “Krampus” was Season 10’s Mayhem Miller.

Will Silky still be able to earn the fame as the fan favorite, spinoff-getting drag queen she stepped into the Werk Room ready to become?

Munch munch crunch crunch. Let’s see what happens with this.


UPDATE:  Silky video from HeyQween re-released. In it, she says allegations of sexual assault were false and retracted.

Silky’s been making the rounds recently (July 2021), revisiting the allegations from March 3, 2019. She has stated she had an encounter back in August 2020 with the person who allegedly claimed they were sexually harassed by the drag queen.  

She’s shared a couple of tweets recently asking for an apology since she has said the accuser has allegedly come forward and said the accusations (which we stated were alleged before) were all false. She elaborates in the video below from her appearance on Hey Qween in December of 2020. Silky doesn’t share who it was or their apology, but she loops in an apology from VickyVox who originally shared the accusations on Twitter. 

The first tweet yesterday was similar to the one today, but today’s she added an accusation of this was all magnified because of race. If she’s saying Instinct was playing this up to humiliate a black drag queen, Jesus, just stop.  Then again, is she referring to VickyVox as the white woman or her accuser?  We don’t know.


She’s also been vocal about that Instinct allegedly, see how that word works, allegedly fired the writer that wrote the original piece. No, that never happened. We wouldn’t do such a thing as these were alleged claims and that is how this was covered. 

As mentioned, here is a video clip that is making the rounds again. Well, we will give you the whole part 2 of Silky Ganache’s appearance on Hey Qween from December 2020 when it originally aired, rest in power Lady Red. Here is where Silky said the person who allegedly was sexually assaulted by her met her 4 months prior (August 2020?) and tried to apologize about the allegations covered.  It looks like Hey Qween just rereleased a chopped down 4 min 53 second video snippet today.  We’ll start the video just before Silky talks about the August 2020 meeting, but you can watch more of the interview before and after where she talks about how she doesn’t sleep with ugly people and how she could not sexually harass since she didn’t have sex for an extended period of time. 


I am sure we will be trolled by many looking for an apology, but we tried in the past to get Silky’s take on this. She has hung up on our staff members, she has walked away from being interviewed in public. She includes an apology from VickyVox, but no inclusion of an apology from the alleged victim so do we apologize for reading and sharing VickyVox’s tweets and sharing them as alleged?

But then again apparently our intent was to be racist and ruin her career. Do we apologize for being racist, which we are not, or do we apologize for using the word alleged and sharing the drama that is drag culture?

This is an opinion piece by a contributing writer. The opinions written here do not reflect those of Instinct Magazine or any of its contributors.

8 thoughts on “Drag Race Season 11 Stand Out is Being Accused of Sexual Assault by Fellow Queens”

  1. Silky is 100% racist and a meek mental midget. I was her Uber driver to lax one morning. I was so nice to her, I helped her with her heavy bags and wished her a safe trip. Along the way she told me how stop lights gave her anxiety?!?!?are you kidding me…. I told her I was sorry to hear that, and unfortunately it was a reality in LA. How was I rewarded for my kindness? Well she called the critical response line line and told them I was drunk…. This baseless and racist accusation cost me a lot of money and stress being off the road for a week. The court system takes time, and she will be held accountable!.!.!.!. but she has a lot of enemies and karma is a biaaaachhhh. See you soon Reggie…..

  2. silky a mess and everyone knows it. fan favorite she is not. obviously, she was expected, by Ru, to be very popular, but her messy drag, her immaturity, her conceit, her big mouth, were all such a turn off. there were at least two times she should have been in the bottom and been gone. Ru Paul missed the opportunity of the drag decade by not having Vangie go all the way. That would have been one of the epic drag race stories of all time. its all predetermined anyway, but Ru backed the real loser.

    • Okay, you can have your opinion,
      but Silky is a very kind and nice soul, I met her at a convention,
      and she was so nice, but everyone has different experiences of Silky
      Remember, don’t drag queens down 🙂

  3. You bitches need to stop trying to slander Silky. I know most of you don’t like her because she’s black and fat and has the nerve to be educated and loud. Get over it! She is here to stay. While your ugly, hating asses are sitting on the sidelines being petty; she’s making a name for herself and touring the World through her art.

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  5. I know Silky,and Reggie as well.I know the queen and the man underneath the make up.She is actually a Indy Queen and booked it for Chi-town a few months before making the show.Still have his number in my cell.She did in fact graduate from Wabash College,I have seen her perform there with Blair St. Clair another Indy Queen I knew really really well.Silky is a bad drunk,She is quite meek when sober but also has serious issues with race,loves skinny white boys but loathes non gay whites…Big Silk was always nice to me,but to be honest Indy Queens are toxic as fuck,and she is an INDY QUEEN.No one would book her in Indy,so she left.I can believe it if she was drunk,it fits her M.O. …..Oh it was a wash up old queen by the name of Alana Steel who went to TMZ about Blair St Clair,Blair wasn’t allowed to leave Indiana but did it anyway as she was going through a DUI at the time.Oh she was never raped,she stole that story from a dear,dear mutual friend.I got more tea to spill on RU Paul as well.

  6. Ummm, assholes can have PhDs and there is no doubt about that as I have met many of them. However, someone who is THAT highly educated would not be as ignorant and lacking in the vocabulary department, which Silky is clearly showing. I have my doubts that one even graduated from high school, but I also know that some place like University of Phoenix will give ANYONE a Masters degree as long as they pay for it. My Mother has a PhD and I saw what it took to get it from a Top 10 Research University. Silky barely understands simple things/concepts, like gerrymandering, let alone having a vocabulary that would back up her claim of having a Masters degree. That thing will say anything to get attention and I have no doubt that 99.9% of what he/she has said is all lies. Show me the degree AND PhD acceptance letter, otherwise it’s lies… ALL LIES!! Ignorant lies!!

  7. Bitch do you know how many PHD assholes there are? Stop trying to put people in boxes, because guess what your comment sounded like it was so prejudiced girl.

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  9. A side note: it is so very clear that Silky has a Master’s degree in nothing. When a person is educated it shows, and the only thing Silky Ganache is showing is that she is a mean spirited, ugly human being.


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