Everyone’s Thirsting Over Manny Jacinto

Screenshot via YouTube @Buzzfeed Celeb

“Wow man, a lot of… violent… things going on.”

We’ve seen it plenty of times before. From Milo Ventimiglia to Troye Sivan, Richard Madden, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, Nyle DiMarco, and even Dr. Phil, male celebrities regularly read thirst tweets that get creative and pretty violent. It seems that the love of a celebrity means professing to the world how much you want to be violently murdered or humped by the celeb of your choosing. Are we getting fandom right?

And the latest example of this strange phenomenon found online is Buzzfeed Celeb’s video of The Good Place actor Manny Jacinto reading thirst tweets. From having to explain to him what a “bussy” is to seeing Manny cringe every time his jawline or arms are complimented, Buzzfeed employees got a great video this time.

And as we’re, not so violent, fans of Manny Jacinto ourselves, we can’t help but enjoy watching every second of it. Join us by clicking on the video down below.

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