Nyle DiMarco Gives You a Sign Language Session That Will Make You Blush

It’s true that Nyle DiMarco is hot AF and fans have a million and a half things that they wish they could do to him if they had his piercing blue eyes and furry chest front and center within arms’ reach. Yeah, we thirsty!


when you’re hot and cold : @taylormillerphoto

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Oh, and Nyle knows that he is the object of everyone’s affection and he loves it!

The America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars winner even humors us and flirts back on social media whenever he gets the chance.

The deaf model and activist is constant in raising awareness for the deaf/mute community. He has filmed basic sign language tutorials as well as clapped back to haters in the loudest way possible.

But nothing will make his salivating fans blush more than Nyle reading and signing his thirst tweets.

The hunk sat down with Buzz Feed recently to show that he’s a good sport when it comes to being objectified. And we’re all here for it!

Some of the tweets include:

Nyle DiMarco could use me as a hand puppet tbh

When I die, please scatter my ashes on Nyle DiMarco’s chest hair

You can just tell Nyle DiMarco has a nice dick. It’s in his eyes.

How do you sign: I want to suck your toes?

And, my favorite:

When I say I want Nyle DiMarco to suffocate me to death with his naked body, I actually mean I want Nyle DiMarco to suffocate me with his naked body.

Watch Nyle sign his way back into our hearts:

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  1. The term, Deaf/Mute, is an

    The term, Deaf/Mute, is an inappropriate term because of negative connotations.

    The term "mute," meaning unable to speak is inappropriate, as few Deaf people are unable to voice; they just prefer not to put themselves at risk of attracting embarrassing attention from those unaccustomed to Deaf speech. The humiliation they have experienced has made them unwilling to use their voice in public.

    Deaf people reject this image of themselves. They prefer to be called just Deaf and see themselves in a positive light, not as handicapped, defective or in need of pity or sympathy. They take pride in their identity, their wonderful culture, beautiful, unique language, their fascinating lives and accomplishments, and their positive contributions to society. A society which benefits substantially from their input and influence.


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