EXCLUSIVE: Adult Film Legend Wolf Hudson on Longevity & What’s Next For Him

Credit: Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson has been a notable name in many arenas of the adult industry for years upon years. And he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The New York native has been doing his thing for over a decade at this point and has managed to stay not only relevant but desired and highly requested. That’s saying something for a world that chews people up and spits them out rather quickly (no pun intended).


His back story, in particular his beginnings, is quite impressive in that he follows many other people who started out not knowing much but became educated and now they are masters in their own domain. Wolf is someone to look up to in this sense in that he made something from out of nothing and is thriving in that all this time later. Kudos to him.

He was nice enough to chat about that and so much more in our exclusive with him. Check it out.

So you, you’re one of the more interesting ones, I would say, out there in that you, for one, you’ve been doing this for quite some time. I mean, I know the shelf life, and we’re not just talking about in the adult industry, but for really, for anyone in the entertainment industry, the shelf life can usually be maybe one to two years, if you’re lucky. You’ve been doing this over 10 years and you’ve been doing it successfully. So I guess what I first want to ask you is, what do you attribute to your success and still being at the top of your game all this time later?

I really wish I knew how to answer that. I think there’s no real end point to that answer. I think that I bring something unique. I think a lot of people relate to me. I’m not your cookie cutter adult performer and look like someone who’s a little bit more relatable and I think with that … has given me a little more shelf life.


I think the fact that I am present on social media has given people a bit of an insight into who I am and they kind of see my personality. I’m quirky, I’m politically involved. And so it’s just a combination of different things. But ultimately, I also think just what I put out because it’s … I don’t think it matters if you’re 18 or if you’re 45, 55, if you’re a good performer, that’s what’s going to count the most. I’m just lucky that I’ve had the opportunities that I’ve had and I still enjoy doing it and I just hope that I can entertain people as much as possible. So as long as people enjoy it and they tell me they like it, I’ll do it.

Credit: Wolf Hudson

And correct me if I’m wrong here, I mean, I did a little research on you, but I believe you started … I mean, I know you started, I would say in the late 2000s. But when you started, was it specifically with the gay side of things, or how did you get into all this in the first place?

Well, I started in 2006 in New York. I started doing straight porn. I did a couple of shoots, but for nobody major, more independent stuff. And then it was actually one of my co-stars who said, “are you going to do gay porn?” And I said, no. They said, “Oh, you could be getting so much more money doing that.”


And I hadn’t really thought about it, but at the same time, it wasn’t out of the question. I was like, well, yeah, how come I’m not doing that? I should be doing it. So I did it and I got my first start with Lucas Entertainment and went on and did a couple more shoots for a couple of different indie companies. And then eventually, by 2007, I took it seriously and decided, you know what? This is for me, I’m going to make this a full time career. So I moved to San Francisco and pursued all the major studios at the time, like Falcon and Hot House and whatnot, and just went from there.

I was going to move to San Francisco as well to be with my ex boyfriend but there’s a reason why he’s my ex boyfriend. So, I mean, I love it there, but you and I are both from New York so you know how hard it is to leave New York, obviously.

It wasn’t that hard for me to leave New York, to be honest with you.

Oh, wow.


Oh, no, I wanted an excuse to get the hell out of New York. I felt very stagnant. I didn’t feel that I was accomplishing the things that I wanted in life. And I wanted to choose … I had always wanted to be in California so when porn came into the picture and I got the opportunity to do it, I really just packed up everything and left with nothing to my name. Barely any money, barely any clothes or anything like that. I just had a dream. But I busted my ass and it worked out. 

You’re one of the few that I know that really has been able to cross over so many boundaries in this industry. You’ve done gay, you’ve done bi, you’ve done trans, you’ve done straight. So you started with straight and then that parlayed into gay. When did the rest come in and is there any type that you like doing the most or are you an equal … is it all like 25%, 25%, and so on and so forth? 

Well, at the time it was … I didn’t know anything about the industry. I didn’t know about the politics. So I didn’t know that once you did gay you couldn’t do straight. That’s a big no no. So once I did straight, for a little bit I focused on the gay, and I wanted to go back to doing straight, I was basically universally told no, you can’t really do that, no one’s going to work with you because you’ve done it.

And the big thing about that is the fear of HIV. They fear that … well, that you’re gay, I might catch HIV, and then I’ll transmit it to a female performer, which, we know how HIV works and it’s not that easy and if someone is on their medication, you’re not going to catch HIV. You’re most likely to catch HIV in your personal life. 


And so it was an interesting roller coaster. I knew I had something unique in the fact that I could do every genre so I did the kink stuff, I did trans, but I really tried to tear down that wall of discrimination against guys who do gay porn. And it wasn’t easy. I had a few successes with lots of failures. I think that I can’t even tell you which one I like more because each one brings something that I enjoy but the politics of it makes it undesirable for me. And so I left in 2016, I decided I was not going to do this anymore. I was done.

But you came back.

Yes. I came back two years later, it was basically on a fluke. I decided to come back just for fun. I said to myself well, what do I want to do that I haven’t really explored? And I hadn’t really explored bisexuality in porn because it was never a desired genre in the industry. But I saw that it was coming up and there were a lot more opportunities, so I was like, let me just shoot a few just for fun, not really coming back.

And then the opportunity came to actually produce my own content in that genre and it exploded. And so I’ve just been putting my focus on that and I enjoy doing it because I think it’s the best of both worlds. It’s uncharted territory and its fun. It is because everybody involved is doing something that they want to do and a lot of times doing something that they never thought … that they’ve never had the chance to do and have always wanted to do. And I think that’s a lot more special than just shooting straight and gay.

Credit: Wolf Hudson

I have to be forthcoming and ask what is your preference in your personal life seeing as you excel in so many different genres in your professional one? 

I view my attraction based on sex so I would definitely say I am bisexual. I lean more straight because I am definitely romantically inclined to women. I’m not opposed to it with men, it just hasn’t happened for me, but I am very much … I would definitely say I’m bisexual. I am attracted to the genders. I’m attracted to women and I’m attracted to men.

How are you pushing forward with your career, especially with all the limits that are going on with COVID?


Well, obviously I’m pretty handicapped in what I do at the moment. People have resumed shooting but I have decided that I will not shoot for the remainder of 2020, at the moment. At the very least, until things get back into shape. I might make a few exceptions depending on the people that I work with. If it’s people that I know, that I trust, and that I know that we can have an honest system of we’re going to get tested, we’re going to get a COVID test, and we’re not going to go out and do things that would put each other in harms way. But that is up in the air.

But in the future, I am working towards building a bisexual studio, full blown bisexual studio, because the interest is there. It is a market that is blowing up, that has still gone as far as it should and I want to take it to the next level. Designing a handful of studios that shoot. And I think that what I have done already in shooting content and putting it out there, is I have not only revived the genre, but I have inspired a host of other people to shoot it and feel like they can shoot it because there is representation and it is accepted. So building that studio, I feel that not only will I give more people opportunity, I will give proper representation to bisexuality, I will also give representation to people of color so that people can see that yes, that does exist in all races, not just white.

And also, I want to change the culture of the genre make it fair for everyone. I want to be a leader in showing that yes, you can be ethical. You can pay people properly. You can make it a comfortable environment and because of it you’re going to get an amazing product, which in turn people are going to see it and they’re going to enjoy it. And that is … That to me is really important. I didn’t think I would be in this position but I am and I’m completely running with it. So those are my plans. 

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