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The Trailblazing Pornstar And Mega Hunk Talks About THAT Delta Airlines Video For The First Time

Working for Instinct Magazine might be the coolest job on Earth. Not only do we get the opportunity to share my sometimes unpopular view on hot topics and LGBTQ life, but there’s chances to interview rising celebrities like Fuller House writer Nick Fascitelli or Netflix actor standouts like Derek Smith. Some of these people seem so out of the ordinary and the chance of seeing them is like finding the Lochness Monster.  Which leads us to Instinct’s latest exclusive interview.


Last weekend, the lovely city that is Hollywood hosted the third annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards (separate from Chicago’s Grabby Awards) hosted by none other than Kathy Griffin, who everyone knows, especially TSA agents. The first day was basically a gay porn Comic Con. There were booths, swag bags, porn stars galore, and all of their fans. Griffin spoke candidly in a keynote speech to a room of about two hundred people. She wasn’t funny, she was heavily political. After further examination, I really began to understand why she wasn’t being funny. She’s been dragged through the mud and it turned into quick sand that she’s still stuck in. Years ago, to see her, a ticket was hundreds of dollars. Now, it was ten. Ten. Dollars. So, with that small amount for a ticket to see Griffin I invited my gaggle of professional, olderish gays who couldn’t have been more excited to flip a dime to see her and be surrounded by gay porn stars for a few hours… and receive free swag like nipple clamps and fisting formula. In addition to my incomparable gays, I invited a great girlfriend of mine, singer/songwriter Jadelyn Breier, who is arguably the most beautiful girl I think I’ve ever seen in real life. It turns out, all of the porn stars thought the same. Walking through this porn convention with Jadelyn was seemingly like walking around gay pride with Lady Gaga. Pornstars like Matthew Camp and Johnny Rapid were proposing to her and fans wanted photos with her despite her complete non-connection to the industry. Camp even sent her a personal swag bag full of really cool shirts he makes. This made me realize there are actually gay-for-pay pornstars who are actively heterosexual in their personal and everyday lives. I was a little disappointed in the lack of attention I received until I got to meet with Pornhub’s Number One Pornstar of 2019 the next day.

When the pioneer of Instinct Magazine asks you to interview Austin Wolf, you drop whatever you’re doing and get it done. I’m not an active follower of porn stars, but I was incredibly familiar with Wolf as he made mainstream attention for posting a video of himself joining the Mile High Club… with a Delta Airlines flight attendant… while that flight attendant was in full uniform and mid-flight. Wolf, who is THE gay porn star of the world right now, was exclusively willing to speak about it for the first time. Who would say no?! I pranced in to Hollywood’s W Hotel, a little nervous as the stomach butterflies always get the best of you before you do something out of the norm. To my surprise, I was flagged with waves and smiles from Wolf and his friend turned manager, Cordey Lash.

Wolf, a thirty-eight-year-old Aries, was sitting in the lobby, calm and collected. He’s not flashy or attention seeking, he’s sitting there in a baseball cap and an outfit you’d wear to the grocery store: Simple jeans and a t-shirt. But, he’s such a large hunk of a man that he takes up a portion of the couch we’re sitting on next just a seat. I’m not kidding you, the moment I met him – I was swooned. Wedding bells weren’t just ringing, they were hitting me on both sides of my head. You fall in love with him instantly and he welcomes you to join his world. I now got it. This is why so many people fantasize about this man – why they would do anything for him. I was puddy in his gigantic hands the moment he said hello. He looks you in your eyes when he speaks. He listens to you and responds without missing a beat.

Wolf, who was nominated for many porn awards including Best Body, Best Daddy, Best Topping Performance, and Best Content Creator (which he won) said no question was off limits, much like he lives his life. After sipping a glass of white wine, it was time to dive in: Who is Austin Wolf? My attention was focused on his tattoo sleeve – he has a Mickey Mouse tattoo… and my name is Mickey. Did he just get this for me?


Mickey Keating: Oh my God! You have a Mickey Mouse tattoo! I’m Mickey! Is this for me?!

Austin Wolf: So, before Steven Atlas I dated, I had a boyfriend for thirteen years and his name is Mickey. If you ask any of my friends who have met him, he’s an extremely likeable person. No one doesn’t like Mickey. That’s how I feel about Mickey Mouse, too. It’s first tattoo I got on this arm. I wasn’t even dating him when I got this tattoo, that’s how important he is to me. We were around seventeen years old when we met. We were very similar when we met, we were both coming out of the closet. I was a tall, skinny guy with a doofy haircut. As Mickey and I progressed and got older, I started going to the gym a lot. I got bigger. At this height with a little bit of muscle, I became essentially society’s attractive man. I started to get a lot of attention, which I didn’t handle very well. I let my ego go to my head. I became a little arrogant and disrespectful. We decided we should separate because of my arrogance –  We’re still very good friends.

MK: Does he know he dated The Austin The Wolf?

AW: Yes. He finds it funny. He’s on my social media a lot, too. He watches my dogs often. He and his new boyfriend come over. He knows me, he doesn’t really know who Austin is. People will ask him “You used to date Austin Wolf?!” and he rolls his eyes. He knows me for who I am, not Austin.


Wolf doesn’t just have one tattoo. He’s covered. He continues:

AW: My right forearm is more of a family tree. I have a strawberry representing my little sister, the Batman logo for my best friend, and a tattoo that says mom, too. Yes, my family knows I do porn. I told them even before I first did it. They know all about Austin Wolf. My mom is my biggest fan. If you say anything poorly about me, you’ll be on the ground real fast [if she’s around]. They follow everything that I’m doing and they want to make sure I’m okay. I was just texting with my sister, she was wishing me luck tonight. I don’t have some crazy story in my childhood that made me dive into porn.

MK: From your social media we know that you are traveling all over the world. Where do you call home?

AW: I moved from Texas to New York in 2003 when I was twenty-one-years old. Now, I’m in Manhattan – Chelsea.


MK: Ohh, so you’re where shows like Wendy Williams are filmed!

AW: Yes! I’ve been on her show three times!

MK: Wait! No way! Me, too! I was a guest on her show in May!

AW: I wasn’t really a guest, but I was a “shirtless person”. This was many years ago. Her Art Director, Michael Lee Scott, is a good friend of mine and he was in charge of recruiting people from his production Broadway Bears. She loved me because I’m so big. She’s a tall lady. The bigger I am, the smaller she looks – so she loved me.

Image via Tony Valadez

MK: This is probably the question of your life. When did you first get into porn? What was going on that you decided it would be the best decision for you? I know a ton of people get into the industry, but you legit made a successful life for yourself.

AW: Originally I had a job selling furniture. Crazy-type stuff, like twenty, thirty thousand dollar furniture. It was a lot of fun, I loved the company I worked for. But, in 2009, the market in New York crashed and when that happens, people certainly aren’t buying a lot of furniture. I went from having a very large income to having no income at all. New York is not only expensive, but I had other responsibilities like helping my mother. I didn’t have an option to not make money. I wound up working as a bartender in New York. Most of the (gay) bars aren’t in it for the business, they are in it for the vanity. My thought process didn’t really work that way. I thought do what you gotta do. So, I first I put up a Rentboy profile in October 2012.

MK: So, you started as an escort?


AW: Yes. Luckily for me, I was a very sexual person all the way through. It’s a big reason why (the aforementioned ex-boyfriend) Mickey and I broke up. For me, sex became an obsession – a problem. It wasn’t for him, he was normal in that aspect. But, in that regard, practice makes perfect. Escorting was an easy job that I enjoyed, for a very long time. I was like a duck to water. It helped me when I started making porn. A month after I put up that Rentboy profile, I was recruited by the company Randy Blue and I did a solo video with them shortly thereafter. I got an extremely high rate with them, especially by today’s standards.

MK: What was it like filming your first scene with a partner? You just meet someone and it’s like, oh yeah – we’re going to fuck?

AW: I filmed with Randy Blue for my first partner scene with Nicco Sky. That experience was amazing! (Off my beat) It wasn’t a storyline. It was mostly just “Boys have sex on sofa now!” I was with the company for  three years and then I moved on to Falcon Studios, Hot House, and Raging Stallion. I’ve been with Cocky Boys now and it’s been my favorite company to work with. They are New York based. I like the polish for how I look and how I come across. I only work with them once a month. Nobody wants anyone over saturated and I don’t want people to get tired of me.

MK: It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be scene partners with you, but particularly in your amateur work. I am a little ignorant and didn’t even know people were sincere fans of pornstars. At the awards summit I saw someone wearing a shirt that said “I Got Topped By Matthew Camp”. You’re treated like Rockstars. I was going through your Instagram feed and the comments, sheesh! It’s flattering yet thirsty, but people are genuinely throwing themselves at you and want to have a sex tape with you for all to see. Do you think these people are chasing clout or are they really so aggressively turned on by you?


AW: Let’s rewind a little bit back to April of 2017. As you know, in our industry we would do porn scenes and escorting. You made money from that and when all of that was combined you really weren’t making much. Then I stumbled across the website OnlyFans. I thought, hmm, I have some older sex videos from when I was in my twenties and I decided to put them on there since it’d be an easy way to make some extra money. I posted videos and started advertising. In the first week, I had over five hundred subscribers. I made four thousand dollars that week. I was living in New York, that was rent – easy! I was super happy and hoped my subscribers would stay. Within the second week, I was bumped up to seventeen hundred subscribers. It was almost every hour those two weeks I’d just be like what is going on?! I was scrambling trying to find other content on old Iphones. I was like “How am I going to keep up on the supply for this demand?” I get a lot of feedback from other models who say it’s difficult for them to find people to make videos with. I can attest to why people want to film with me. Maybe it’s because tops are hard to find? I’ve been around in the industry for a long time before OnlyFans and there’s been a fantasy built up around me. Now there’s a chance for someone, anyone to make a video with me. People hit me up on Instagram, Grindr, email… I read all of the messages.

MK: How much do you give them to be in a video with you?

AW: Nothing, I don’t have to pay them anything to be in a video with me. There’s a young guy in Los Angeles who told me he didn’t mind not being paid after we did a video, he was so happy that I was inside of him for as long as I was. He didn’t want payment or even the video.

MK: Do you have a favorite scene partner?


AW: I don’t. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve had a bad one either. The Cocky Boys partners are very easy for me to work with because they are my go-to for what I would normally find attractive in a partner. But, I don’t have to always sleep with a porn star or someone who could be a (conventionally attractive) porn star. I don’t need the hottest guy. I need the hottest atmosphere, the hottest risk [That turns me on more than a hot body].

MK: Anddd that brings me to our next subject.  We have to talk about the elephant in the room. Last year in October, you came under fire from not even just the gay media, but mainstream media like Daily Mail for having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant while in air. We found out because you recorded it and posted it, Austin! To be frank, that was the first time I had heard of you. Instinct ran the article and it was a sure-fire hit. Everyone was talking about it and now I would love for you to clear the air. What the heck happened?!

AW: Okay it started on the ground as a Grindr conversation.

MK: Oh wow, so you’re obviously not a nervous flier! Before a flight take off I’m three glasses of wine in and praying to God that my sleeping pill kicks in sooner than later.


AW: I’m not a nervous-anything. I stand up in the middle of a room and masturbate in front of a hundred people with no problem. I’m sure I’ve been nervous before, but I’m not that kind of person. But, okay, so we started talking on the ground and we decided to meet up after we landed. We started talking in air since we both had WiFi. It was his idea [to have sex in the airplane bathroom]! I think he got caught up in a moment. We’ve all heard of the mile high club. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. He knew who I was. He knew I was recording it. I had my very large phone, in my very large hand, in a very small space – and it was in his face. It wasn’t like I had a secret, 007 camera in a button. Months had passed and I still had the video, I didn’t want to post it because I didn’t like it. It wasn’t him, the guy is beautiful. But, it’s a small space and the video wasn’t up to par with my other amateur videos. I post new content on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I don’t miss a day. I was scrambling through my phone to find a video to post. I came across the Delta video and said this will do. The video was up for three hours before I took it down. Three fucking hours. I got messages from flight attendants and porn stars who used to be flight attendants. If you’ve ever been a part of an exclusive Facebook group, you’ll know that there’s communities for some professions. It spread among flight attendants in this Facebook group. Some of them reached out to me and told me because of the uniform and his nametag, they knew who it was right away.   I apologized. I’m not banned from the airline, but I should refrain from using their bathrooms. Now I won’t even look a flight attendant in the eye before, even the sixty-year-old women I won’t even speak too.

MK: Porn obviously could lead to a variety of sexual fantasies. You get to live a life many people can only masturbate about in their bedrooms. Tell me about a time you’ve had sex in public.

AW: I fucked three people on the dancefloor in Mykonos and my boyfriend recorded all of it. When my boyfriend was recording it, the Iphone camera turned on and the guy sucking me off thought it was security putting a flashlight on him and jumped off me. Then he saw it was my boyfriend recording and he went right back to blowing me.

MK: I’m a gold star gay. I love my females, but I’ve never been sexually attracted to any of them. Have you slept with a woman?


AW: Of course I’ve had sex with woman. I lost my virginity to a woman. My first threesome was with two African American women, by the way. Not that that overly matters but it’s still fascinating to say the least. While I was escorting I’d hook up with a lot of married couples. Husbands and wives would contact me on escort websites for us to connect. I don’t sleep with women anymore, I’m gay. It would be weird to chase after women.

MK: You were awarded with Most Popular Gay Porn Star On The Planet Of 2019 from Pornhub. With your popularity, why did it take you ten years to get an award?

AW: It’s a lot of politics within the industry. I’m not a very good kiss ass. I can’t be somebody different with you and be somebody different with them. I won’t yell or scream at you, but I say how I feel.  I think why I won the Pornhub Award is because it was data based. It’s based on views and subscribers and likes. I don’t think I’ll win any of the Gay Porn Awards this year because it is a group of people making decisions and opinions vary. I can’t be everyone’s favorite.



MK: Speaking of political… Kathy Griffin was speaking yesterday and she was heavy, heavy political. She wasn’t funny. You’re originally from Texas…where people tend to be more conservative. What are your political beliefs?

AW: Completely aligned with hers. When she discussed the first amendment, I agree that we can’t be censored. Tumblr was recently taken away from us. Apple keeps restricting politics. It’s a bunch of rich, white assholes trying to force their policies on everyone else. If they are going to shut something down, it’s going to be pornography websites. I think what Kathy is talking about is right, we have to fight for our piece of the world if we want to get it back.

MK: Random question, but what’s your ideal date? Is it only sexual with you or do you want to go on a hot air balloon ride?

AW: See, I’ve never really dated so I don’t know what that means. After my ex-boyfriend Mickey, I didn’t go on dates with other guys. When I met my current boyfriend Steven, we really didn’t even date either. We were instantly together. I don’t know what my ideal date would be.


MK: Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Do you want to be in the industry forever?

AW: One thing I’m looking forward to is the unknown. If you learn anything, it’s that you don’t know anything. We keep running into new and exciting things. I am launching my own website called 4My.Fans. When OnlyFans took off, I started getting complaints because I had more followers than everyone else. I love OnlyFans, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today.  I wanted to create a different way to view the content. It has more options to make extra money besides subscriptions.

MK: I love that you keep bringing up OnlyFans. I live and work in West Hollywood and out here, specifically, I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t have an OnlyFans account. A large majority is selling their sex videos for extra cash. I’m not judging, but it made me create an article for Instinct Magazine last year asking if the proverbial you would date someone who had an exotic OnlyFans account. The feedback was half and half. What do you say to those people who refuse to date someone who has a sexual OnlyFans account?

AW: Fifty-fifty? I think it’d be more ninety and ten! Ninety percent saying they wouldn’t! I completely understand why they wouldn’t want to date someone who is in the industry. I made three OnlyFans videos this morning. That can take away from a relationship. If you have standard morals and ground rules that you want in a relationship, that’s going to affect it. If you are willing to date someone with an OnlyFans account, you should think about that a little harder.

Image via Tony Valadez

MK: It doesn’t affect your relationship?

AW: It hasn’t been perfect and we’ve had plenty of bumps in the road, but we communicate. He’s wonderful, he never puts me down. He’s in this with me.  He isn’t in the porn industry at all. The only time I’m allowed to do something is if it’s being recorded. I think he’s better looking than anyone I’ll ever get. It’s so great having him around, especially if he’s shirtless, because it takes attention off of me because they are staring at him. He’s twenty-eight going on sixty-seven. He’s a big part of Austin Wolf. He creates the design aspects,  he’s my Art Director.

MK: Would you recommend any aspiring performers to get into the adult industry?


AW: (Boldly) No. I’m really good at my job because I have a sex addiction. I’m a very sexually active, horny person. Having a relationship with someone like me is something I wouldn’t push on anyon.  But, my purpose that I’ve set for myself is making change in the porn community. The community right now is very taboo and I think it’s bad for future jobs. If you’re making videos and attaching your name to it, it’s hard to think about future jobs. Pornography shouldn’t stop anyone from doing their jobs. I wouldn’t push the industry on anyone because of how it’s viewed in society. I want to create a space where it’s prestigious to be in porn. I want our best performers to be compared to Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lopez. We set the bar for fantasy. For me alone, the amount of messages I get are inspiring. Some guy today told me that my videos have made him a better top, that his husband is happier. Porn stars aren’t doing anything illegal, this isn’t human trafficking, we’re not making child pornography. We’re experimenting, we’re having fun, we’re living out fantasies. We make people relax for just a little bit.

MK: I work in the entertainment industry and of course it’s known that we have those aggressive producers, writers, and directors who are spitting on their assistants and cracking a clipboard over their knee in anger… because making films are more life changing than being a doctor, apparently. Is this what it’s like in the porn industry, too?

AW: I’m sure we have them. Luckily, I’m six-foot-four and two hundred and sixty pounds so I get a lot of good behavior. They stand up straight and keep their elbows off the table when I’m around. I think there is a lot of mistreatment and danger because it’s not as regulated where it should be. Young people can definitely get taken advantage of. When you’re violated in the entertainment industry, you go to one of the guilds like the Screen Actors Guild. We don’t have that in porn.

MK: There’s a high suicide rate in the porn community. On Instinct, I feel like it’s almost every other week that we post about a porn performer offing themselves and there’s a history of drug use and mental issues. Why do you think a lot of your community is plagued by suicide?


AW: That comes down to the type of people you get and the type of rate that you’re paying. Rates are the lowest they’ve ever been. People are getting paid five hundred dollars a scene for ten hours of work. Some people want to get in it for vanity. This industry tends to spit people out immediately. Some people don’t tend to handle that well. The industry, as a whole, is a place where unhealthy people make bad decisions. I’ve known seven people, scene partners and fellow escorts, who have committed suicide.

MK: I’ve never gotten catfished. Well, for clarity, I’ve never been used as a cat fish. No one has ever used my photos to reach out to someone, as far as I’m aware. I bet you’ve been used as a cat fish before. Have you?

AW: When I’m in a particular city, the people who follow me will create Grindr profiles knowing that I’m there. There was one just this weekend! I could go through my Instagram right now and I’ll have a ton of messages from people asking me to confirm if I’m on Grindr in their city. But, I’ll be in New York and they’re in Bangladesh. Grindr will do nothing about it. I can’t even put a watermark on my pictures because someone can go on Google or take a screenshot. I’d be comfortable uploading my ID to Grindr to prevent these issues. If you’re an anonymous person, like your torso, you don’t care. But, if you’re going to post a photo of a person with a face and tattoos, I think uploading your government ID is a way to nip that in the butt.

We finished up our conversation and Wolf mentioned that his manager was having him pull a Diana Ross, he had three outfit changes during the porn awards. He felt strange wearing clothes and would rather be naked. He’s fun, someone you could talk to all day. I posted a photo of him and I on my Instagram account and wound up getting messages from his adoring fans, who I came to love just as much. Some messages were wild, someone even asked me what he smelled like! (To answer that question: Sandalwood, sage, and sex) I followed up with him and asked if the invasive messages he receives bothers him at all. They don’t! He loves them.


Wolf is the epitome of cool. I can’t quite put my finger on an exact word to describe him, it hasn’t been created yet. Being around him for a short amount of time, I was able to vampire his energy of perseverance and passion. I didn’t just interview some porn star begging for attention and a quick buck. I was graced with this wonderful man who cares about himself, his loved ones, and the people who wish to follow his journey, sexual or not. While I don’t believe I’ll be joining his other fans by watching all of his videos, I’ll be closely overseeing Wolf’s career as he continues to break barriers and invent new ways to invite success into his life. Wolf isn’t just a pornstar or a sexual being, he’s probably the kindest, genuine man I’ve met in recent years. Austin, I’m your newest, biggest fan – and I see you for you.

Writer’s Note A: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine itself or fellow contributors.

Writer’s Note B: Quotes have been edited for clarity.

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  4. Doesn’t Wolf have guys sign releases before he films them having sex? It’s so basic–even more basic than he is! Does he even check IDs to verify age? Wolf will be very lucky if this is the only disaster coming his way.

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