Exclusive: An Interview With Jesse Diamond!

Exclusive: An Interview With Jesse Diamond!

Andrew Christian's First Transgender Trophy Boy!

#OhBOY! Have you heard about powerhouse-brand Andrew Christian's latest trophy boy? We recently introduced you to Jesse Diamond, a 27-year-old Fitness Model from Tacoma, Washington as AC's first transgender Trophy Boy last week. Diamond has since been riding the viral fame wave with his incredible looks, bubbly personality, and a body so bomb it's breaking necks everywhere! After being interviewed by Gay Star News, Diamond has been on the tip of everyone's tongues. I had to pounce on the chance to get to know him a little better, because who doesn't want to know – and see – more of the Trophy Boys? Check out Instinct's exclusive interview with Diamond below:

Mickey Keating: Okay, first off- congratulations on becoming the first Transgender Andrew Christian Trophy Boy! Being a Trophy Boy in general is a huge platform, but to represent for the community is game changing. Did you audition or was there a recruitment process?

Jessie Diamond: "I applied for the Andrew Christian affiliate and ambassador programs and was selected to be part of the paid ambassador program."



MK: Ohh, tell me about the other Trophies? How have your interactions with them been? Are they equally as excited to have their first transgender brother in the crew?

JD: "The other models were all super sweet to me. Nobody asked me any awkward trans-related questions. I felt like I was one of the gang from the start. They all seemed excited that this year's pride video would be more inclusive in terms of representation."

MK: You've got to let us in with the question on everyone's minds: Who is most likely to swoon you on a date?

JD: "[Laughs] I'm physically attracted to very feminine presenting folks. I identify as demisexual, which means that I don't experience sexual attraction unless I have a deeper emotional connection with an individual. Because there are still trans-related series of surgeries that I am waiting to get; I tend to find myself being able to make those deeper connections and experiencing that type of attraction with trans and non binary feminine identifying folks. Because gender dysphoria is not a foreign concept to them, I feel more comfortable with those types of people because I don't feel so self conscious about my own dysphoria. It's just nice when you feel like your partner can truly understand you and relate with you on a deeper level."



MK: Finally being transgender is a mainstream, household conversation. However, I can't help but believe our attention is directed to transgender women. Who are some of your favorite transgender men in media?

JD: "My favorite trans men in media are Rocco "Kayiatos"Katastrophe and Schuyler Bailar. I've worked out with both of them and admire them so much for the positive visibility they create for the community."

MK: How are you soaking up all of the new attention from becoming Andrew Christian's first transgender man model?

JD: "I'm not sure if it's all quite hit me yet [Laughs]. This has been my dream for years, I didn't think it'd ever really come true to be honest. I've had so many people over the past several years that I'm 'crazy' or 'obsessed' for all the hours I spend in the gym, carrying around my backpack full of protein, and prepped meals wherever I go. For basically having zero social life. I didn't and don't necessarily disagree with them. I guess I am a little crazy about the fit life, but this is my life's passion so it's kinda hard not to get at least a little obsessive about it. I never really expected to ever reach that big goal of becoming an underwear and Fitness Model, but I guess dreaming big and never giving up is what's gotten me here today. Even though I'm still absorbing all this for myself personally, I can say this for sure: It means the world to me that I can do my part to help the trans community by creating visibility for all of us on a larger media platform like Andrew Christian."



MK: I'm anticipating many more great things from you! I'm so excited for your future and I know you are, too! What's next for Jesse Diamond?

JD: "Right now I am currently talking with a few different television and film producers, so you may see may or may not be seeing my face pop up in a show or two. We'll see how that goes. Depending on my finances, I hope to be able to compete at the WBFF World Championship at the end of August in Las Vegas. I would be competing as an amateur Fitness Model. Hoping one day to earn my professional card in either fitness modeling, bodybuilding, or classic physique. I have my consultation for phalloplasty surgery at the end of September in San Francisco, so depending on when my surgery date is, I may spend most of next year in the hospital and recovering from surgeries. Right now, my plan for the future is to continue personal training, go go dancing, and having fun with all of my friends here in Southern California."

You're heartless if you aren't swooning over Diamond! Diamond may be the first transgender Trophy Boy…but I don't believe he'll be the last! Make sure to follow Diamond's journey through his personal profile and Andrew Christian's Instagram

If you're in the Southern California area and would like to meet Diamond in person: He'll be Go-Go Dancing at Mineshaft Bar on June 8th and Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach on June 9th. 

Quotes have been edited for clarity. 

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