Faith In Humanity Restored When This Kind Act By A Waiter Goes Viral.

We share a lot on here about news, sex, politics, penises, entertainment, travel, health, fashion, etc. and not everything has to do with pure LGBT issues. The story below is not a gay one, but it will sure make you happy.  It's about the faith in the human race being restored.  Get the tissues out cuz this sure helped water my contacts this morning.






Waiter Alex Ruiz, through a sheer act of kindness, became an instant everyday hero when a photo of him feeding a man with no hands lit up the internet. The man walked into a restaurant with no hands and no prosthetics and asked if someone could help him eat a meal. So Ruiz sat him down, took his order, and then hand-fed the man. No one asked the man's name. –

It's been a while since I've seen an act of kindness in person.  To see this really makes me believe that there are people that care for others out there. Not only did he not take a tip from this man, but I don't think the waiter was earning any other tips while he fed this complete stranger. 


What do you think?