Feminine Gays Are Winning In 2018!

Feminine Gays Are Winning In 2018!

From Media To Social Lives, We’re On A Roll!

I was a flamboyant kid growing up, which scared the other children into bullying me. Honestly, that same distain of my stereotype continued through my young adult life and upon entering the gay community. Since high school, I wasn’t really desired by employers, society, and especially potential boyfriends for simply being “too gay”. Growing up in a glass closet (always being obviously gay), media led me to believe my life would be an upcoming drag queen or a sidekick with a feminine voice. Though my role models and inspirations appeared limited, I was hopeful enough to not become a victim. Listen, I know the LGBTQ community hasn’t ever had it easy, but as the world continues to progress in our favor, something tells me feminine gays really took over 2018.

The feminine gay, in my opinion, is arguably the most desirable gay of 2018 in terms of media, society, and dating in general. Hear me out:


There’s no shock that feminine gays have gone through a complete revolution in the media over the last almost two decades. We’ve seen stars such as Noah Galvin lead his own primetime series about a gay teenager in The Real O’Neals, Tituss Burgess has taken center stage in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson has his cake and eats it too as one of the stars on Modern Family. While incredibly talented actors, these stars all have another common trait: They are feminine gay men in their real lives. Finally, the feminine gays are being taken seriously as actors and landing roles aside from a snarky best friend, but we’re even becoming the face of a series. I lit up when I saw Burgess’ face on a billboard representing his series on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. In the most recent years, feminine gays have been invading the big screen with films like Love, Simon and music from openly-gay, twinky, Troye Sivan. The success of RuPaul’s Drag Race likely has modernized feminine gays, even if the queens come with a more or less toxic fanbase. Regardless of if you’re into these series, films, or genre of music; there is no doubt of the impact they have made for feminine gays in recent society.


With the increase of feminine gays in the media, society can only benefit. Before everyone wanted a gay, best friend as a sidekick. Now, they want to employ them. While I work in the entertainment industry, I have gotten used to seeing the feminine gay employed only where one would think they would be: A hair salon as a stylist, receptionist, or working the counter at a retail store. Seriously, I (shamefully) admit I worked at Victoria’s Secret seasonally when I was a teenager and our store manager was a feminine, older gay who confided in me he believed this job was all he could.  While I live in liberal California, I’ve seen a surplus of feminine gays in a variety of work occupations that have no limits. I encounter lispy executives, business owners, and grade school teachers.


Circling back to high school, I once had a guy tell me he’d go on a date with me after eyebrows grew back in and my hair was back to my natural color: He wanted someone more masculine. What a jerk, right? As we all know, there is such rampant femmephobia within the gay community, but I humbly believe that is rapidly decreasing. Anything gets better with time, but I must admit this has been the best dating year of my life. I’m typically bait for closeted men, being feminine and all, but I haven’t seen much of an interest from masculine, gay men, who tend to prefer to date themselves. Until now. I believe with the acceptance of feminine gays in society and being showcased in the media has led us to become more wanted. We are no longer being looked over as a good-for-nothing drama queen, but instead real men who can be loved and advertised.

It’s almost time that all of the muscular bartenders with OnlyFans accounts are going to be a fantasy of the past. Move over boys, your feminine brothers are taking over! Do you believe feminine gays are winning in 2018?

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