Florida Man Who Claims Partner Died During Oral Sex Wants To Show Jury His Member

The NBCMiami coverage gives us a little groundwork for a colorful case that is finally reaching the courts.


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There's choked, what Patterson allegedly admitted to doing, and then there's gagged which is his new claim of how his sex partner died. 

Following his lover's death on October 28, 2015, Patterson called his lawyer, Ken Padowitz before the police. When officers arrived at their Florida home they found that Patterson's girlfriend had been dead between eight and 24 hours.

The 65-year-old – who is charged with second-degree murder – has admitted he choked his 60-year-old lover when arrested in October 2015.

Now, the defendant claimed his girlfriend died when the kinky sex session went horribly wrong.

Richard Patterson made the bizarre request as he is convinced that brandishing his shaft will explain how his partner, Francisca Marquinez, died. Yes, he is claiming he accidentally suffocated Marquinez with his very large penis while she performed oral sex on him.  Padowitz said his client Patterson could prove his "rough sex” defense by stripping down to his birthday suit and showing the jury what the deceased may have been killed with.  The lawyer also has stated that in other murder cases, the murder weapon is entered as evidence, so why not allow the member to be seen.

Ms Marquinez's son, Omar Andrade has called Patterson a "desperate man trying a desperate tactic."

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